2018/19 Gylfi Sigurdsson

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If ever there was a thread that summed up Everton, this is it.

Still the most technically gifted and hard working player we have in the squad, heading towards a 15 goal season in what’s been a generally uninspiring period and yet he still gets pelters.
Have you forgotten it’s not that long ago that we had the likes of Anichibie, Straquilirsi and Jo playing for us, or the mastery in midfield of McGeady and Osman?
We really don’t deserve good players.
I suggest we sell him ASAP and buy some foreign mercenary from Huddersfield or Brighton.
but @sageyefc says hes horrific ...


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The festering wound of relegating Swansea by paying a too much for a proven player.

It's weird behavior. It's like people expect him to be world class because record fee.

And when he's just a highly skilled footballer that works his tail off and not much more or less, he's slated for being the guy we paid too much for.

We can't attract and/or afford Mbappe. We'd probably slate him too to be honest if we spent over the top money on him.


Player Valuation: £30m
I love all the amatuer tacticians who insist he can only play in certain formations, the same who think if you can't beat usain bolt in a sprint you have no business in the premier league. Baffling the way some try to dissect the game until it;s unrecognisable. Football is a pretty simple sport made hard by people always trying to find the next big tactic. The reality of it is, all these different tactics completely ruin the game, it's become a very boring spectator event.
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