2018/19 Gylfi Sigurdsson

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House of Correction
Normally a 15 goal scorer whos not a striker would sell for big money in the league, but I dont think anyone would give us 40 million for him. To me thats a sign of just how much he goes missing for 89 minutes.

While we are the 7th highest scoring team in the league, I think we are legitimately 15 goals a season away from competing for the top 4-6. I think Siggy could be fine in a side that could produce that, as in reality we SHOULD be getting that extra production not from his position, but from the striker(another 7-8 per season), a CM(another 3-4 per season, our CMs rarely ever push up and score), and one of our wing spots(3-4 per season). If we got proper production from those 3 positions we would be scoring at a rate appropriate of a CL team, so I dont think hes a problem, just lacking in some ways.


Player Valuation: £70m
Thread full Lunatics spreading hate,...sign of the times I suppose. Oh and Gylfi is only a handful of assists off joining an elite group of players (28 at the moment) who have 50 plus goals and 50 plus assists in the premier league.
The funny thing is you would think the stats and goals would pipe them down, but they ignore them and persists with the nonsense. Weirdos


Player Valuation: £60m
The funny thing is you would think the stats and goals would pipe them down, but they ignore them and persists with the nonsense. Weirdos
EVEN WORSE, is this idea that he's invisible all game, yet he works probably harder than everyone else, is constantly in motion, and contributes a ton defensively for a guys that isn't even playing often in central midfield.

It's just so strange. He's productive AND he works hard. Why on earth would anyone dislike him?

The only reasons I've read is either style related - some think it's impossible to be a good player if you don't like to possess the ball for some silly reason - or fee related. The idea of hating a guy because we paid 40M for him is just beyond stupid.

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