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2018/19 Gylfi Sigurdsson

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Be honest, most of you have already made your minds up, he could score another 50 goals in the remaining 7 games and your people would still be claiming he does nothing.
I’d prefer if he turned up for 7 games and actually got involved rather than scoring a 90th minute penalty to give the spreadsheet demons a little chub in their shorts

bring the ghost on

Player Valuation: £35m
Be honest, most of you have already made your minds up, he could score another 50 goals in the remaining 7 games and your people would still be claiming he does nothing.
The chelsea game sums him up. He had one moment where he took the ball under his control, dragged it wide of a defender and played Walcott through, and those moments you're thinking - bloody hell, this guy is one of our best players. But those moments just don't come frequently enough - more often than not, they're after such long spells of anonymity and failing to make a mark on the game.

I just expect more consistency. Yes he's scored goals and he always will, because he's a very talented player. I still find it hard to ignore the amount of time he spends watching the game pass him by before he comes up with his flashes of brilliance though.


Player Valuation: £70m
FWIW, I think he was crap first half Sunday, like most of them were.

Second half he was good.

Crap penalty. Issue is there seems to be nobody else willing to take em. Maybe give them to Dom for the rest of the season.


Player Valuation: £70m
Hmm, goal = change in tone. I see the way it is.
I have always been a fan of his mate , not just last game. I am starting to see what others talking about tho and my opinion has changed slightly on him. He’s a very gifted technical player that puts a lot of work in too. His problem isn’t being good enough to play for a top 6 side , it’s not being able to produce them performances consistently. He is a very good passer, crosser, finisher and can shoot from distance and for teams that re in the lower league his magic moments will be enough to keep most teams up and is worth 150m to them by staying in the league. The problem for us is that for us to push on to where we hope to be, he can’t produce enough of them magic moments to be the difference between a top 10 side and a top 6. It’s not solely his responsibility and we are a millions miles away in so many other areas it’s not as if soggy is the reason we aren’t too 6 or whatever, but I can see what people are talking about in regard to him not being involved in some games despite working his arse off in distance ran etc. like I said I’m a fan and think some of his touches, skills and goals are absolutely top draw, I mean his top 10 goals scored would rival Matt Le tissier and like I said we have GK, RB, RW, ST, CM, CB problems wasy before we have to think about soggy being the problem
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