Match Thread Fulham v Everton; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Might dedicate my life to hunting down Glenn Hoddle, Liam Neeson style, and chopping his tongue out so he cant ruin my weekends with his senile commentary.
I had Tony Gale on my stream. Mitrovic is an "old-school" centre forward who should be excused any fouls, especially when he grabs Gomes by the throat in the area. Barging C-L in the chest when he is about to shoot is a "fair challenge". And Gomes letting Mitrovic know that his dirty play hasn't gone unnoticed is a "cowardly leg-breaking challenge".

Tbf, Mitrovic was MoM and you would love a Dunc player like him. And we were utter dross.


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Soon as their first goal went in it was over. That is one of our biggest, most telling problems; No fight, no bottle and no coming back from behind.
We never got going in this game and seemed to play like they did not have to try "It's only Fulham".
Attitude of a losing team.


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Amazing that lots saw this coming, or so they say. Maybe should have gone to the bookies and made some loot?
Did actualy tell a few in work this week do not be surprised if we get turned over at fulham. Meant it aswell.
Pure jekyll and hyde team.
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