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Feb 9, 2007
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    1. Jamie Atkins
      Jamie Atkins
      Nice One mate, we are staying at Hotel Europa, near the station and 100 yards from the centre. See you at the bar!
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      2. chicoazul
        Jamie you will wake up in a bath full of ice. Exercise caution.
        Sep 7, 2017
      3. atrottel
        Keeps you cool in that Italian heat...

        (Notice you are managing to miss out on another European trip, Sr Azul!)
        Sep 7, 2017
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    2. Woolly Blue
      Woolly Blue
      I've changed the title of your loan thread a bit mate, to make it more obvious it's about this seasons loan outs
      1. atrottel
        OK, thanks!
        Aug 9, 2015
    3. ToffeeDan
      Done - I didn't have that many - what's the limit?
    4. Bruce Wayne
       Bruce Wayne
      Need to clear your inbox mate :)

      Very jealous though, your neck of the woods is a fantastic part of the world. I rode the Maratona dles Dolomites, so went over the Campolongo (twice), Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego and Valparola. Best day on the bike thus far by far.

      Will be back this summer, doing the Granfondo Pantani, so riding over the Mortirolo and Gavia passes. Should be fantastic.

      We drove back through Austria last year. Where abouts are you?
    5. chicoazul
      Amanda Holden wears suzzies, sir. She supports Everton.
    6. chicoazul
      3: free cigars and brass in the boardroom when we win.
    7. chicoazul
      Just so you know, I'm not being impolite and not respond to that PM.

      It's just that if I leave the notification reminder at the top then it reminds me and will spur me into action sometime soon lid x
    8. Kay20
      Yeah - that was my goal. Been in general/brand management for awhile - would love to see new ideas in sports!
    9. Kay20
      thanks for the rep!
    10. p-fcn
    11. p-fcn
      Met "Taliban" yesterday by chance (zufällig). Did not know him before. Greetings from him and Chris whom i don´t know
    12. chicoazul
      Laughing here.

      Monster, but great work.
    13. bluebastardo
      All the best for 2010
    14. chicoazul
      You had my back brother. You had my back.

      Im not repping you as thats for plebs.
    15. chicoazul
      Swimingly mate. All well here.

      Not much play these days but thats the winter for you.

      Had emails rejoicing in the amount of snow falling though, and I have to say quite a few invitations but once again I decline.

      I will get over there though at some point.

      Seen you were at the Arsenal game, unlucky pal.
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