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Sassy Colombian

Player Valuation: £70m
So going back on what I just said: lots of grumbles on Twitter that there was no club presence at the stadium selling merch.

Big fail.

Should have been not only a setup for selling shirts, scarves, etc. for all the Blues and Blue-curious, but if they knew what they were doing they would have had a table with Club personnel there to provide info and connections for booking your first trip to Goodison. Becaues tickets don't go on sale until not long before games, and also that matches can be moved for TV by so much that travel plans can be disrupted - both of which are surprising to American fans - there needs to be some fan education. But how good would it have been to have some Club personnel there to collect names and emails and provide contact info for booking that trip when blocks of tickets become available, including flight/hotel packages etc. "See Goodison while you still can - only 66 home games left!" or whatever it is.

I'm desperate to see Goodison so I'm figuring it out on my own. If they wanted to really capitalize on this trip they could have done something like this - or FFS at least have some James shirts to sell next to the beer concession.

Edit: I see Sassy, a few posts above me, posted a sign of a merch table. Willing to be proven wrong. Still, if >1 Twitter guy said so, maybe there was merch but not visible enough.
I totally agree with you. Everton should do better at these type of events connecting with American and Latino Blues many who like you and myself want to make it to Goodison before the end of our era there. It just seems like miss opportunity to build relations and market our brand.

There were signs of merchandise being sold but I found nothing while there just the signs. If the Club had a table with stuff to sell then I missed it and we even went around the stadium try to find one.

Sassy Colombian

Player Valuation: £70m
So @Sassy Colombian how was the live Everton experience? Hope you enjoyed it you certainly looked the part! Are you going to the 2nd game? If we win that we may have to petition for you to move to Merseyside and attend all matches as you appear to be our lucky charm. Everton rarely win penalty shoot outs and even less likely when it goes to sudden death.
It was really fun, the atmosphere was lively and we enjoyed watching Everton play specially the second half. The penalty shootout was nerve wracking but also exciting and more after we won it. We are not going to this evening’s game, we are actually driving home at the moment so I am going have to watch it on ESPN while still on the road but since I’m not the one driving then that shouldn’t be an issue :)

Hopefully Everton has a better performance this evening and a second win, playing against Puma is going to be another test that would be great to overcome.
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