First Everton Goal of Your Life


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Jimmy Harris scored the only goal on the opening day of the 57-58 season as we beat Wolves in the first game after I arrived ;)


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Fred Pickering against Burnley, I think about 1965/66-ish, when my Dad started taking me. It was freezing as I remember.

We used to try and get into the old Park End stand, loved it in there. Remember the thrill as a youngster queuing at the turnstiles with those old blue wooden signs above each door with the prices painted on in white shillings and pence!


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First goal I saw live was away to villa on an end of season day out with my local team. I reckon it was 2-2, but dunno who scored. 1st goal at Goodison was either Campbell or Jeffers when we hammered Southampton on a nice sunny day.

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