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Im sceptical of that tbh - in the trials they never knew/picked up on the severe blood clots in the AZ in which people have died in the general population - same as Myocarditis & Pericarditis (heart inflammation) in the Pfizer + Moderna Vaccines.

Obviously people need to be vaccinated ASAP due to the dire situation but I dont like the attitude at present of "dont ask questions just get jabbed" you can get jabbed whilst also being open minded as to why some have genuine concerns/questions.
Plenty of people have had severe reactions to medications over the years, including death, that weren't picked up in trials. There were large trials for the vaccines, it was the bureaucratic red tape that was fast tracked for necessity


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"Most viral infections do not have vaccines because the vaccine technology failed in early-stage clinical trials. Because many vaccines cause side effects, such as pain at the injection site, headaches, and influenza symptoms, safety testing requires years of observation in thousands of clinical trial participants. Similarly, sufficient time – a year or multiple years – is usually needed to be certain a vaccine has durable efficacy while the virus remains pandemic. Despite extensive previous research attempts to produce safe, effective vaccines against coronaviruses, such as SARS and MERS, all vaccine candidates for coronavirus infections have failed during clinical research, and no vaccine existed to prevent any coronavirus infection. To prepare for manufacturing and distribution, Operation Warp Speed expended resources and financing before the safety and efficacy results of vaccine candidates were known.

"In the case of Operation Warp Speed, effective vaccines made by BioNTech in Germany and Pfizer and Moderna were given an emergency use authorization by the FDA in December 2020, established an exceptionally fast development and approval timeline for vaccines granted emergency marketing. Pfizer joined the Warp Speed program in July 2020, and signed a $1.95 billion contract to be paid out when the vaccine would be FDA approved, and included an initial order of 100 million vaccines. In December 2020, the Trump admin ordered additional 200 million vaccines from Pfizer."

It still remains to be seen if these vaccines are safe in the long run, and it also remains to be seen if they are actually effective. The fact there are breakthrough cases of the Delta variant suggest they are not the magic bullet they were presented as. One of the reasons coronavirus vaccines have not worked in the past is the viruses are so quick to mutate and develop into different strains. One of the reasons I opted for a JNJ is it is supposedly more likely to protect against more serious effects, despite being less effective at actually preventing infection in the first place.

This is a massive oversimplification of what happened.

First, there wasn't political or financial will to come up with a vaccine for other coronaviruses, simply because they aren't comparatively harmful. The major threat was considered to be the flu.

Second, vaccine technology to fight specific strains of coronavirus existed already, but the problem was vaccinating against all strains comprehensively, which is the only way it'd be of use. We didn't and don't have that technology. Rhinoviruses, for example, have around 150 human strains. We can't (and there's no real reason to) vaccinate against them all.

But COVID-19 is a completely new coronavirus strain (not variant), one we had no protection to but all the variants are products of that new strain; that's why it's unlikely any variant (literally meaning a variation of essentially the same thing) will completely evade an immune response. So all we need to do is vaccinate against the dominant variant of the strain, or - as will happen in the future - just like flu, we second-guess what the 'delivery mechanism' of the variant will be so we can vaccinate against possibilities once COVID-19 is endemic in the global community.

Third, the tech used in AZ etc. isn't new. It's a carrier vaccine based on the adenovirus and is decades old. mRNA, whilst newer, has a lot of work put into it prior to COVID-19, starting in the 1990s. This isn't some giant government-led hoax moon shot.


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If the upshot of this is that we work out every single Evertonian who agrees with Delph and ostracise them, then this may be a good thing

I think there are some ideologies that have pretty much the same principle........

Yet here we are still thinking that, this type of thinking is OK!

Brilliant, top of the class that man.

* for the record, Delph is a prime knob for his stance but at the same time, absolutely no-one should condone YOIR way of thinking.
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