Everton Youth Teams Thread


Player Valuation: £50m
Dobbin started for england u19s v france
England team : Oluwayemi; Oyegoke, Edwards, Baptiste, Doyle; Ramsey, Scott, Vale; Shoretire, Dobbin, Scarlett
That Guardian piece has players born in 2004-05. A lot has been made of England's 2000-2003 generation. Anyone know if the 2004s and 2005s are any good?
Two of those starting in the U19s are 2004 ‘s who have been moved up Shola Shoretire of Utd and Dane Scarlet of Spurs, other 2004s like the RS‘s Kaide Gordon are also in the squad . I think 4 or 5 2004s have been moved up for England .


Player Valuation: £35m
Price has really took a step backwards unless NI has had a boom in quality. Not sure what to make of him as a player really

I actually think giving him a few games in the u18s might help. Let him get back to dominating games and gaining some confidence. I think playing in a team that's constantly losing can sap confidence. Playing up a level helps by making the games harder so the player has to adapt and push on but it can also be unhelpful if the player isn't get enough time on the ball to hone other skills. The u23s and u18s should be about producing players for the first team and developing the winning instinct is one of these requirements.


Player Valuation: £10m
Lets hope not.

He is unable to discuss the circumstances of his departure, which came amidst a club investigation brought on after the Premier League hit the Blues with a fine and an Academy transfer ban, but insists it was an “amicable” parting of ways.
Reporting at the time was all about tapping up and inducements, sounded very much like he / we were just one of the clubs caught in a culture of tapping up.
Must have been on a decent wedge if the inducements were coming of of his pocket :coffee:
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