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Player Valuation: £70m
Your post didn't really explain any of that though, you just said his height or lack thereof was an issue. Which it isn't. He may or may not be a full back or winger depending on how good he is going forwards and improvements to his defensive side of his game but you don't write off a full back at 16 for being average height which is what was originally said. Lahm is 5"7, Roberto Carlos 5"6, Ashley Cole 5"9, Jordi Alba, Baines etc. The list goes on. We were most defensively solid with Godfrey because we played 4 centre halves and Godfrey is our best defender not because he gave us height
Some of the left sided players you mentioned were more lauded for their ability going forward than their defensive quality.And none of them stood out for their ariel prowess. He might develop to that level,but then again he might not even sign for us.

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Player Valuation: £70m
8th placed Everton will go 6th with a win, v 10th placed Stoke u18s

Everton u18s Team away to Stoke - 6.30ko - [Not on TV/Websites]

Stewart, Welch, Lowey, Hagan, Kristensen, Mills, Melcalfe, Jagne, Butterfield, Baker, Garcia,
Subs Leban, Campbell, Quintyne, McAllister, Cannon

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Player Valuation: £70m
8th placed Everton will go 6th with a win, v 10th placed Stoke u18s

Everton u18s Team away to Stoke - 6.30ko - [Not on TV/Websites]

Stewart, Welch, Lowey, Hagan, Kristensen, Mills, Melcalfe, Jagne, Butterfield, Baker, Garcia,
Subs Leban, Campbell, Quintyne, McAllister, Cannon

Stoke 1 up on 22mins - Tap in far post after good move

Garcia booked for diving trying to win pen on 4mins
Mills shot saved on 8mins
Garcia misses sitter from 4 yards out on 16mins

Official team sheet-i have someone there watching it lol
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Player Valuation: £70m
Everton 1-1 on 68mins- Melcalfe-
Initially flagged offside but given after a conflab

Everton 2-1 on 71mins -Cannon
Hits the post, then scores rebound

Everton 3-1 on 73mins - Butterfield
Described as a daisy cutter from outside the box

Everton 4-1 on 78mins - Cannon
Right footed shot

Baker for Everton should have made it 1-1 on 53mins
Jagne shot wide on 61mins
Cannon shot saved on 64mins
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Player Valuation: £70m
Excellent 4-1 win for Everton u18s at stoke scoring 4 goals in 10mins mid 2nd half for their 1st win there in 5 years [funny enough last 2 wins there were 5-2/4-3, while last 2 defeats there have been 5-1/4-2]

Everton u18s move up to 6th, they now dont play a u18s league game till week saturday at wolves,but off course before then its the cup a week tonight at west brom

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Player Valuation: £70m
Everton Under-18s manager Paul Tait said his team produced their “best football of the season” after the young Blues came from behind to triumph 4-1 at Stoke City on Tuesday night.

Having fallen behind to Emre Tezgel’s goal midway through the first half, Jenson Metcalf got Everton back on level terms on 68 minutes.

His strike was the first of four goals in a stunning 10-minute spell from the Toffees. Substitute Tom Cannon – who was introduced on the hour-mark – put Everton ahead before Luke Butterfield doubled the Blues' advantage.

Cannon then completed his brace 12 minutes from time to wrap up a stirring victory for Everton, who are next in action against West Bromwich Albion in an FA Youth Cup quarter-final tie on Tuesday night.

Manager Tait expressed his pride after his team’s electric second-half display at Stoke.

“The lads were brilliant,” he told evertonfc.com. “We had a very young team out and we’re delighted with them.

“We started well but we let Stoke get into the game and we gave a goal away in the first half.

“The lads showed great spirit and fight to come back.

“We made a couple of changes on the hour. We rested Tom Cannon and Sean McAllister and we brought them on – and they helped change the game

“After that, we were absolutely fantastic. It was probably the best football we’ve played this season.”

The win lifts Everton up to sixth in the U18 Premier League (North) table.

The young Blues' attention now turns to the FA Youth Cup and that last-eight showdown against West Brom at The Hawthorns.

Everton reached the quarter-finals of the competition with a dramatic 2-1 win over Chelsea – winners of the cup in seven of the past 11 years – last week.

Tait added: “Winning again [against Stoke] keeps the momentum and confidence high.

“It’s good that the younger lads who are in and around the team took inspiration from the lads with the cup run.

“For them to produce a performance like that in the second half, we’re delighted.”

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Player Valuation: £70m
Owen Barker? Has he played before? Assuming he is another U16?
16 a few months ago, 1st 90mins for the u18s tonight, made 3 sub appearances over the last few months

From early last month about a few younger players as we are playing a few more lately
Just a bit of an update on the younger teams.
Under 16's who are well thought of
Tierney- Tall defender, not played for the 18's yet but is close.
Edward Jones- Defender, can cover full back
Owen Barker- Midfielder, internatonal recognition
Isaac Heath- I have spoken about him a fair bit, but a very talented player, in the mould of Beardsley. Might even be an under 15 but believe he's under 16. Still very small
Jensen Metcalfe- Central midfield player, great tackle and composed on the ball.
Roman Quintyne- Full back who loves to get forward.

Under 15s
George Pickford- Midfielder
Jensen- Goalkeeper (Brian Jensens lad)
Ishe-Smith- Left back, quick

There's a little tricky right winger we got from Manchester United as well, but forgot his name. Anyway the two year groups below have a number of talented options.

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