Everton Youth Teams Thread

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
Charsley replaced Simms at half time
Formation change for Everton
Gordon has gone into the No9 position. Charsley out wide left

Charsley missed chance in what sounds like he should score with header over on the hour mark,while he just scored but offside
still 1-1 with 15mins to go

Rollo Tomassi

Player Valuation: £6m
...it really is up to us to turn that assumption around. The fact they score late on wouldn’t matter if we were comfortably leading.

We beat them earlier this year so its not like we can't but years of being beaten takes its toll on the fan base.

Rollo Tomassi

Player Valuation: £6m
...I know that, but we need to turn that around. As I say, our strategic aim should be to be the top club in the City, if we do that the rest will look after itself.
Well we did win the double last year so I would say we were.

I don't think the youth teams have an inferiority complex at all as I can recall several victories including a few thumpings we have dished out since the first team won a derby!

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