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Tale of 2 half’s, not sure why you’d start Gray/Richarlison the way they did, obviously much improved when they’d swap roles,
Keane and Holgate nowhere near good enough to start first team games and the other two should hopefully be in next week, Allan not mobile enough to be a foil for Doucoure, especially if he is going to be pushing on a bit more, second half work rate and intensity was refreshing to see, we need fresh blood to sustain that.


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Re-watching the second half as I fell asleep during the HT break (woke up 2mins before Doucoure’s screamer)

Was there a formation change from 4-2-3-1 with Gray in middle and Richy left; to a 4-4-2 with Gray going outside and Richy moving in, to partner DCL? Or was it pretty fluid throughout?

just noticing Iwobi & Richy cause some issues for Southampton switching between central & out on the right.
I'd say we played 442 all game tbh, just Richy plays up front a little different to Gray. Those 2 players did swap at half time though, definitely a tactical change rather than being a generally fluid attack. If anything we were positionally disciplined.


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Poor first half but credit to Benitez he made some obvious changes and we improved.
He swapped the centre halves , played further up the pitch , switched to 442 and played with far greater urgency and intensity.
You have to bear in mind that the opposition was terrible and surely will be candidates for the drop.
However it was good for both strikers to score and I thought Coleman and especially Doucoure were excellent 2nd half.


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First chance to post since going to the game yesterday.
Just glancing at some of the posts I'm in general agreement about versions of the game.
What I do want to say though is I don't know what it was like in other parts of the ground but the noise generated by the Street End was the loudest in many a year. Brilliant support.


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Important win, as that is one of the 5 easiest fixtures of the season. If we'd lost things could have gone toxic early. Historically we seem to be disproportionately affected by our first result, so hopefully this can build some confidence, and Leeds having shipped 5 goals yesterday may have lost some of theirs.


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That was easily one of the best experiences I've had watching the blues for years.

I'm certain it is in part down to being back after 18 months but the passion, directness, etc in second half was everything that we as a club represent.
I said to a mate last night, it was one of the best experiences we have had for years, many years, almost a I Was There Moment.

Voodoo Billy

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Felt fabulous to be back, hearing Z Cars again was pretty emotional, as was seeing the fans around us had got through the last horrible year and a half.
I know it's way too early to tell how things will pan out, and despite the (here we go again) first half, we didn't appear obsessed with trying to control the game (which we very rarely managed to do) as we have been by passing from side to side and back to the 'keeper at every opportunity, we tried to use it when in possession and did it with pace. Impressed with Gray from what I've seen so far, could turn out to be a proper player for us.
Thanks Blues, it was magic.

Street end man

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What a breath of fresh air to actually attack and press a team of Southamptons ilk as opposed to sitting back with a packed defence and hoping for a break away as we did against relegated Sheff Utd last season.

Southampton were shown little respect in that second half and rightly so, i hope it continues in this fashion with the defensive set ups and respect solely reserved for the City's and Utd's of this league.


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Concerning how flat we started the game.

No tempo, evasive in possession... flat all around.

Needed a half time rocket to get them going. Concerning, given first game of the season, in front of a full crowd for ages, with a new manager.

That half time kick up the arse, and our quality over Southampton got us the result but we've got to start much quicker against Leeds.


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Fantastic to see a bit of positivity in here.

First half wasn't the best, but I seen worse, a lot worse last season.

Second half was great, passionate football and some awesome moments of skill on display

It was nice to enjoy my Saturday night beer instead of crying in it, obviously very early days but I for one am walking tall right now and looking forward to a great season ahead!

As for Leeds next week, please Mr Benitez play Mina and Godfrey ;)


Tony :)
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