Match Thread Everton v Manchester United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Player Valuation: £6m
Did you see him shushing the crowd like a bellend after he cleared the ball from one of our corners.
I did mate! Glad you picked up on it..I saw that too... .hope he felt good about his contribution and how he proved his point against what was a largely indifferent Goodison response to his return. Perhaps we don’t see him as kicking on in his career and being a constant threat? His touch and movement was as bad as I first remember in a Blue shirt, at least he had service when he played for us and he looked like He could have a go. I said to our kid, in some ways I felt for him....he is the playing equivalent of Moyes.....had something about him, but didn’t realise that it was being with us, that gave him the confidence to play that he sadly mistook as ability.

His career highs have been in a Royal Blue shirt ,..perhaps .heI’ll say the same in five years time. If I’m wrong, not my problem. We did well with him and got a price that United would love to achieve when he was sold. HeI’ll be happy with the choice he made and to be fair, I actually don’t care.

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