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Ring master

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Thinking about it, chelsea are away to Dynamo Kiev 6pm Thursday as well as having to travel to Liverpool from London when they get back,so i wonder what there 1st team Thursday may consist of,how many so called 1st team players may play there. maybe we may have a chance or will we play sunday like it was us that travelled to Dynamo Kiev and not them


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I think against Chelsea we need as much defensive support as possible and we're not going to control the midfield no matter who plays in there. Zouma is inegible and I think Mina should play because he needs game time but putting him beside Keane in this form could be a disaster so Jagielkas experience would benefit him better.

If we go defensive against Chelsea we will get torn apart, we were attacking against Liverpool and coped. The second we went defensive against Newcastle and it was game over, we basically said we are trying to hold out come and attack us.

Tennessee Blue Mike

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My head hurts. Confidence at a all time low. Unlucky breaks which always seems to go against us. Again, we don't seem up for a battle for ninety minutes. The season can't end soon enough this year for me. I hope for a point but the way our defense looks this may be no easy task.


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How did we go from Wolves to drawing with Liverpool in a couple of games?

Chelsea are all over the place currently. Sarai is dead man walking. If we play as we did for an hour the game is winnable.

Because the players we have can play and can put a shift in, but they can't do it consistently. We have the ability to beat Chelsea but we have the propensity to be beaten by Millwall.

This is my name

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Can’t be assed anymore. Following us gives me nothing but heartache. Cos I won’t be paying attention to it I’ll say 3-0 us, Ross hat trick of own goals. Be typical Everton for me to miss the only highlight of the season Cos I’ve given up on us

Up the depressing blues
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