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Hello again, Chelsea under the lights, well for the 2nd half anyway. Always a tough game of course, but hopefully we can find a Naismith to stand up.

A very well played first half yesterday, totally ruined by a collapse that would have made Devon Loch blush. No Zooms for this, so for me the only question remains who replaces him. Lets hope we can put in a good shift on the pitch and hopefully the Goodison crowd support the team the same they did last time out.

Goats 11 to start :
Ireland - Colombia - England - France
Senegal - Portugal
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I'm going to watch it and punch my cat every time Pickford touches the ball.....Hold on, just remembered I don't have one. I'll probably go to the neighbours and ask if I can punch theirs.


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Tough call, both us and them are very dependent on playing with confidence. Marco pioneered the marking Jorginho trick but I'm not sure it will work again.

I'd say 1-1 unless Picko goes off his nut again, 1-2 if that happens.

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