Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Voted Gana, but kudos to Pickford because he could easily have collapsed after some of the (deserved) stick he's taken post Newcastle. There IS a good goalkeeper in there, I just hope he eventually proves the doubters wrong.


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If he continues to pick this team then we have something that we can build on

Very impressed with the tracking back by Bernard and richarlison I just hope that effort is put in every game and not just for the top sides.

Surprised we kept a clean sheet a bit of fortune helped but considering Mina lack of game time we defended well.


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One thing that struck me today: two teams whose players look like they are too inhibited by tactical information. I wonder if this is something that's contributing to our inconsistency and might wane with more stability.


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What's mad is that I should be feeling great after that but instead it's a feeling of frustration.

Frustration knowing that we are capable of those types of performances with the fans in fine voice at Goodison. When the team and fans work together in conjunction there is no reason we can't make Goodison a place to fear. Sadly we all know today was the exception rather than the rule, let's hope we can change that.

Bakayoko Ono

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The defence was excellent without Zouma. We play far too high a line with him due to his pace but looked far more comfortable, even in possession, playing a normal line.


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Proper Jekyll & Hyde team us.

Mad to think if we didn’t bottle it against the Barcodes we’d be 8th and 1 point behind Wolves (albeit a game in hand for them)

What a strange league this has become lol


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But a torrid 1st half, ne'er mind 3 points that is what counts.

hey Ross enjoy your return trip to GP?

Secondly find someone else to take the pens!


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Yesssss. Big result, much needed. Everton showing across both halves what they are capable of, the good and the bad. Silva must have got into them at half time because we looked a different team.

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