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Nothing on Sergi Roberto?!?!? I found this article that says, "What is clear is that he is now Barcelona's No 12." http://www.sport-english.com/en/news/barca/sergi-roberto-barcelonas-new-twelfth-man-4518859

I mean that's close to a # 10 right?

Anyway they won't sell him now. We missed out on yet ANOTHER playmaker!!! It's OT at this point ... sorry lads don't mean to get silly in this thread about the transfer window that opens a month from now. I will keep it OT:

Roberto Martinez has confirmed at his press conference on Thursday - covered by the club's official Twitter account - that all is quiet on the Everton transfer front.

However, Martinez has played down the rumours that they will be active in the New Year, with the Spaniard saying there is simply nothing to report.

http://www.[Publication is blacklis...es-update-on-evertons-january-transfer-windo/


Everton manager Roberto Martinez says he is unlikely to do business this January window, preferring to make longer-term changes in the summer.



“We’re not in a position where we have to make financial decisions and our focus is on being as strong as we can together and keeping the continuity.

“From our point of view the window in January will be to see if there’s anything to help our squad.

“We don’t look on it as a window to be really involved whether that’s buying or selling, it’s more a matter of continuity.

“It’s about developing competition for places between the ones we already have.”



"we don't look at this window as one to be really involved"



... possibly not going to end well here. (That said if we want Yarm and think we might lose him in the summer but could get him now I think we might make a move. Other than that it'll be a lower leaguer or nothing.)

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Can I please start up my Ruffier (Etienne) perin (genoa) or donnarumma (Milan) rumours now please ? Been trying for a few windows now.

Just get some big brute in goal who will dominate his area, can we still sign big Nev ?
Not at all. Gray is a top top striker in my opinion. I would be happy to keep Mirallas but I can't do with his whining. Sell him and move on I reckon.
From some of your previous posts my initial thought was that you knew nothing about football but this confirmed it. Regardless of Mirallas being the better player anyway, it'd cost us MORE to get Gray than we'd get for selling Kev.

Plus he's played for two clubs this season so couldn't even play for us you giant quilt.


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An attacking player on loan, maybe a younger version of Kone to try out, or something similar. A Donovan/Traore/Lennon type loan.


Player Valuation: £70m
Actually now that you mention it.....

No...i dont really have any major"fanciful" wishes for anyone just at the moment...

What i would like to see is McAleny, McGeady, Naismith, Gibson and Howard out the door.

Butland IN.

*Waits for Zat's list of u21 upcoming players we should sign...


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Oh no. Another 2 or 3 thousand posts of guff to look forward to between now and February 1st!
Forget the eggnog and mulled wine it's time to crack open a brand new bottle of bleach :-(
Oh no. Another 2 or 3 thousand posts of guff to look forward to between now and February 1st!
Forget the eggnog and mulled wine it's time to crack open a brand new bottle of bleach :-(
You've massively underestimated the capabilities of the transfer thread there, we're up to about 100 posts in 1 day and the window isn't even open yet.


Player Valuation: £70m
Something something Chelsea again something John Stones something something something.....Something buyback Deulofeu......Something something something heard Lukaku agent something to someone random.... So something someone Twitter something something Yarmelko something someone's chairman something to deal with something Kenwrong something tight [Poor language removed]. Something something someone on random forum ITK something something Jack Butland something bigger than someone something something £20m tops!!....something something champions league football something Euros something Kevin Mirallas something....something kid something Barnsley something something the new Mason Holgate....

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