Everton - The Unsung Stars.


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Don Hutchison was very good alright.
One of the first times I was truly furious at a referee was the time Poll disallowed Don's goal against Liverpool in the last second. Poll admitted after he retired that this was the worst decision of his career. In my opinion it's git to be up there with the worst refereeing decisions ever.
We have got some laughable decisions against us over the years, clattenberg was another useless tit.
Now that has the makings of a thread thread right there.

EDIT - just checked and it's already been done https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/worst-refereeing-decision.48189/


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I'm going to nominate the fans as unsung stars.
I have just been watching clips of us being robbed by refs against the RS time after time.
Fair play to the fans for keeping their cool.
And they always believe in the next game.

Johnny Barton

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Lineker is on Talksport saying good things about Everton again, still maintains we were the best club side he played for, even better than Barcelona

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