Everton Summer transfers 2021


Player Valuation: £2.75 and a Fredo
Still think we need a GK
Olsen on the bench as backup
Hopefully Pickford has a good Euros and we get 20-30m for him
Again, I agree entirely. The issue is that if I reeled off everywhere I think we should improve to be ready for next season, well the list would be quite lengthy.

Being realistic, our finances won't allow it and we still have the situation of removing deadwood from the books - still too many short-term loan departures.

That's why I expect (hope?) we focus on a RB, RW, CF and at a stretch CM in the next window before we start looking at the other weak links in our squad.

Long-term, I'd be hoping Bernard, Iwobi, Gylfi and/or Gomes are all replaced directly, a new first choice keeper and a really imperious central defender.

If we get the starting XI sorted and then those names, we will actually have some versatility and options from the bench. Right now, we have neither!


Player Valuation: £70m
I think the other thing with midfield though, is there needs to be some sort of succession planning. Only Davies of all the current options in midfield is at an age where you'd expect them to still be a regular in 3 years. And while age is on his side, ability isn't. I think if we don't get another midfielder in in the summer (bearing in mind we don't really do January) then you're looking at a situation where you end up trying to build an entirely new midfield all the same time again. And as you've touched on, that's hard to do. The following season Allan will be 32 and in his final year, as will James, Doucoure will be 30, Sigurdsson's current contract will be finished etc. Obviously you hope for someone like Onyango to come through but I think ideally you bring at least one younger midfielder in this summer so that you're not ripping the whole thing up and starting again in 2 years. It's something we're traditionally rubbish at, but we really need to introduce that sort of planning instead of always waiting until it's too late before we replace people.

I agree with much of this. I actually have midfield as one of the important areas where you'd like a summer transfer. Allan is good but is a sticking plaster.

The two slight cavaets I suppose would be Gbamin. It's right to probabaly right him off, but if he were able to emerge as an option going into next season it changes the complexion somewhat. If he's not we need someone of his profile to come in.

Delph is probably the signing that hasn't worked out for us and could be moved on.


Player Valuation: £70m
Before we talk of numbers or positions to get players in for need to look at who is leaving at the end of the season then replace them and those positions. If it were 3 then for me it is not 5/6 players in but more. No one is taking account of players who might stick their hand up and say I want out e.g. Richie!
On current form who would buy him
If we value him at 80m who has that amount of cash
its going to be a quiet transfer window for all clubs next summer .unless Billionaire owners stick their hands in their pockets
Look at the scum
Virgin hurt his knee or something
Matip out till the end of the season
Gomez out for the season
That's the bestest most expensive centre half in the world ever and the second and third bestest centre halves in the PL out for the season and the scum pay 2 nd 6 for a Preston Centre half to play in the bestest club side in world football
MONEY is tight all around and will continue to be


Player Valuation: £70m
A few people think we will play James in the 10 role next season, personally I can’t see it. I don’t think ancelotti all of a sudden , brings in a new attacking RB and another wide forward abs we become a very attack minded side.

It could happen, but this is the thing with ancelotti, I’m not sure what type of team he wants to build. At the moment he seems to think we are better counter attacking. Like he will probably set up like that tonight. But I don’t think we actually have the pace for it. DCL & Richarlison apparently are fast, but I don’t really see them run away from people over 30/40 yards. So will he buy more pace for next season.

Or maybe a better possession based team, with James still around Which will definitely mean a new quality midfielder, or two . And A technically gifted RB.

I think a lot of things hinge on Gbamin, I think Allan is better suited to having a bit more freedom, he definitely has the ability. Wasted sitting infront of the back 4
more box to box


Player Valuation: £35m
Regardless of whether we need them or not, we're unlikely to bring in two central midfielders when there are more glaringly obvious deficiencies in the squad.

The priorities should be someone to occupy the right attacking option, a right back and an effective centre-forward. Then, it'll likely be one in and one out.

I meant in addition to the other positions stated.





If we could start the first game of next season with them positions filled around the players we already have, Marcel Walsh will have done a decent job.

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