Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £35m
If Gana and Onana come in it means we don’t have to play Allan out of position anymore. Would keep.

I agree, if we get those 2 in, Alan wouldn’t by my first choice to sell, Gomes and Gbamin would be ahead of him, but given his age, and our financial position, if we got an offer for Alan I think we would have to consider it.

Martin Alvito

Player Valuation: £35m
You think we’re signing 3 CM’s? Maybe but as of right now, it’s looking like just the 2. If we want to play 3 in the middle, which we flat out just have to against some sides, he can be an option alongside them. We need 6 CM’s this season in my opinion.

That looks like an actual midfield. Never thought I would see the day again.

Tony’s Carp

Player Valuation: £10m
And how do you know what we have in the club coffers, given how we are structuring the deals (O' Neill 4.8 million up front) and the 'promise' that we sell another big name in June next year (DOM or Pickford) we have bandwidth to sign now, under the guidance of the premier league. Not hard to figure out really!
Yeah with the spending now (assuming Onana is real) I’d imagine we’ll try to get one sold by 1st July again. It’s a bit of a gamble but probably a necessary one to pay for what the squad needs.

In an ideal world, and it’s probably been the plan for some time, Dominic Calvert-Lewin goes injury free, bangs a few in and is an easy sale for 50+. If not I can see us doing the same dance as last season with Spurs, but for Pickford instead of Richy.


Player Valuation: £500k
Random question guys but who was the account on here that leaked the Kevin Mirallas deal before anyone had even heard of him?

Somerset Blue

Player Valuation: £2.5m
We must still be in the market for some creativity from midfield and a striker, certainly hope so.
Would it be Gilmour and Broja(loan)?


Player Valuation: £10m
Everton are set to sign Amadou Onana, here we go! Full agreement with Lille and personal terms too - he wanted Everton despite West Ham proposal accepted Everton are also working to get Idrissa Gueye deal done soon, matter of final details. (Source -

GET IN !!!!

Myers saying Onana is on Merseyside for a medical.
Nothing in Gana yet whether he is having a medical
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