Everton. I hate you.

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Rudolf Hucker

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Isn't the definition of insanity watching the same old sh1te & expecting a different outcome? :Blink:

Everton definitely has too much influence on my mood. All you can do is learn to manage expectation. It's not FIFA on the Xbox, where we beat Barca 6-0, it's real live humans, who have bad days just like anyone else. They have confidence & anxiety issues like anyone else. Every club is trying to win, so someone's gonna loose. Just have to take the rough with the smooth. ManU/citeh, Chelsea, Arsenal, spurs & the sh1te have been spending huge money for 10-20 years. We're not going to catch them in one season. There's about 85 sets of supporters in England who'd be delighted with what we've got.

...that said, I can't help fuming at why we bought Williams & that clown Cuco & why we didn't buy a striker.


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Didnt even watch Spurs/Chelsea games, tonight has been enough for me to be feeling embarrassed to be a part of this club.

Nothings changed.


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I cared about Martinez and that team, they made me believe we'd win silverware and I loved lots of our football, so it really hurt when all went pear shaped.

Never really warmed to Koeman or his football so can regard this recent run far more dispassionately.
I was never more convinced how absolute it was that we were about to win trophieS than after that Arsenal win.

How did it go do fn wrong....


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How many times do we have to pretend we aren't even arsed while deep down the seeth just won't go away.

"Ha, Same old Everton, not even bothered anymore" but it's lies. It bothers the holy crap out of us.

Not arsed tho....
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