2019/20 Everton Board Thread 2019/20


Player Valuation: £750k
I wonder if Kenwrong still takes a salary or executive expenses is another way of wrapping it up. I do remember old Moysey was on tremendous wages based on what I dont know, but very near the Premier top man Fergie. Perhaps selling players for big money helped make two people do very well. We have been badly let down but little Everton hung in there!


Player Valuation: £40m
Im loving how the Journo's typically in the know at the club like Joyce and King have been calling out the board/Brands.

The board are an embarrassment and must feel like they are the laughing stock of the league at present.

Keep the pressure coming guys.


I quess they counted on winning Norwich that would have given a bit of leeway
Obviously it didnt happen so theres absolute chaos and panic at the boardroom

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