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Player Valuation: £35m

The EFL Championship starts on the weekend of 30th July 2022 and will pause for 5 weeks from 14th November till 10th December to accommodate the World Cup in Qatar. The final day of the season will be weekend 6th May with the play off finals scheduled for 27th-29th May.

Championship fixtures are released in June, 24 teams in the league with a total of 46 league games.

Finances are to be hit the hardest, currently Everton earn in excess of £100m for being in the PL, relegation would see this figure plummet to just c£40m falling to £35 in the next year and £15m in the 3rd year down, all these payments then cease after that. Imagine what these losses are likely to be without Premier League money? Whilst in the Premier League we posted losses of £170m over the last 2 years.

Reading FC were deducted 6 points this season for breaking profit and sustainability rules, Readings wage bill was £41m. Our wage bill is c£72m on a turnover likely to be reduced by £60m-£70m. No doubt we could be subject to punishment immediately as we implemented a fire sell of any saleable assets at the club, this might have to include players like Anthony Gordon if others are harder to move on, we know the ones.

The 1st round of the Carabao Cup (League Cup) will commence on 8th August, we will be in this. The final day of the season will be weekend 6th May with the play off finals scheduled for 27th-29th May.

For the FA Cup Championships clubs join at the second round stage.

3 teams are promoted, 2 automatically and 1 via a 4 team play off, 3 teams are relegated. Fulham and Marco Silva has been promoted to the Premier League and Bournemouth are the favourites to join them, play off places are likely to be filled by Huddersfield, Nottingham Forest, Luton Town and Sheffield United. Wayne Rooneys Derby have been relegated for fanancial issues whilst Peterbrough and Barnsley have dropped to League 1.

Potential Constitution:-

Huddersfield *
Nottm Forest *
Luton *
Sheffield Utd *
West Brom
Bristol City
MK Dons *
Sunderland *
Plymouth *
Wycombe *

*Play offs

Goodison Park will be the biggest stadium in the Championship, the next biggest will be Middlesboroughs Riverside Stadium which holds 33,746. Our very own dockside stadium Bramley Moore would be 20,000 bigger than the next biggest and would certainly be the newest.

On the plus side away tickets will not be so hard to come by, when relegated I fear we will never get back to the Premier League due to the financial state of the club. We think we`ve had it bad for 27 years, you haven`t seen anything yet.


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We aren’t there yet. But if we did go down it’ll be interesting to see who is left, playing squad wise. So many are on massive contracts I can’t see them staying. It will be a total rebuild with young hungry players I hope.


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Championship wouldn't be giving any punishment out until the following season meaning we would have next season to try get our house in order / get back up.

The drop in TV money will be offset by selling Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison and Pickford you would imagine leaving a bit left in the coffers to bring 2-3 players in. Would probably see the likes of Mina, Gomes and Allan leave.

All in all - stop worrying about something you have no control of.

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