Easily Forgotten Everton Players


Player Valuation: £70m


O’Kane Walsh (Mike) Tyler McClelland

Preki Samways Klaus sodding Thomson Gueye

Walsh (Blackpool Mickey) Joe Harper

I am going to pick another XI tomorrow.

And I could do it every day for a week :rant:

You fellows might easily forget some of the nonentities that have played for us down the decades, but ol’ Khal remembers each and every one of the buggers :pint2:

The binman chronicles

Player Valuation: £60m
They're forgotten for a reason...I'm going to cover my eyes and pretend it was Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruyff. Absolute garbage them, well they were ok footballers but just not up to the standard to get into the Everton team, sorts the wheat from the chaff if you know what I mean... :coffee: