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Hi folks. I hope this is allowed, I come in peace and seeking your opinion and advice.

I'm an Aberdeen FC supporter, we recently parted way with our Manager, and I was hoping to get your opinions on big Duncan!

Before I go on, I appreciate some of you will laugh at this, or mock Scottish Football etc... so I understand that.

But what do you think about Ferguson, is there a consensus that he'll Manage Everton one day? Or is there a possibility he'd go and cut his teeth elsewhere before taking on the Everton job, Or is he not really considered for that somewhere down the line? I absolutely love the guy, always have done, his passion and enthusiasm for Everton is really something, I have suggested him as coming to us on my own Clubs Forum and getting mixed feedback, some see what I see and others want someone with more experience.

Our new Chairman wants us to close the Gap on Rangers & Celtic and see us qualify for Europa League Group Stages etc... I think he'd fit the bill perfectly, but you all know more about him than I do, so I suppose what I am asking is, would he leave and cut his teeth elsewhere, or is he never leaving Everton?

Thanks for reading & I hope we can an amicable conversation about this.


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A bit like him as a player. If he is arsed/up for it, he will be unplayable. He absolutely loves Everton, hence why he did so well for the few games he was in charge.

I have no recollection of him having any affinity with Aberdeen, so not sure his coaching nous could overcome his lack (probably) of affinity with your club.

Also, he loathes the SFA.

In short, there are better managers around, imo.


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....I’d be very surprised if Ferguson was ever made permanent manager. There’s too much romance involved in his situation but the reality will sway any decision to appoint him.

Happy to see him go to Aberdeen but it would be high risk, there is no evidence of him working in the transfer market. He’d need to surround himself with the right people but I’d still have my doubts even as a coach.
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