Drop Arteta?

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Player Valuation: £35m
Once unthinkable to consider, his form this season has been abject.

Moved in the last few games to the holding midfield role - early signs at Spurs looked promising. However twice in the villa game he seemed to [Poor language removed] up positioning wise - leading to goals.

Its still too early at this stage to judge him in this fairly unfamiliar role, although he used to play centre mid before - why has his form been so poor.

A man who normally sparkles on the pitch and is the centre of everything creative, and possesses such touch and flair - has been misplacing passes and losing the ball left right and centre.

Perhaps we should consider dropping him in the short term - although numbers are such we probs can't afford to do this.

Obviously Cahill has been [Poor language removed], Lescott and Jags mixed, well the whole defence, none of our strikers have really been fit enough to get going, moyes seemed for the first time at everton a little unfocused at the start of the season - none of these are artetas problem, but he really has been a shadow of the player we know him to be.

Anyone's thoughts?
Drop him for who mate? Its not like we have options all over the pitch, i think he will shine in his new role, its gonna take time for him to re-adapt after playing on the wing for so long, but i believe he will become the player we all know he is again.
Think thats harsh based on the last two games he's played mate. Both those goals against Villa could have been prevented by a defender too.

Cahill and Osman need to be dropped before him I reckon.
Harsh mate, hes our best midfeilder statisticly, dont think Moyes would ever comtemplate it, hes an untouchable.

No real alternatives either.
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It was a suggestion. I wasn't necessarily advocating it. Or was I? Can't remember!

How could I speak out against him after all the magic we shared.

sorry arteta.

drop cahill, he's only gonna [Poor language removed] off to Dubai or Sydney for some meaningless friendly anyways and come back with two broken legs.

I think the point I was trying to make was how far his performances have dropped compared to what we are used to - which is world class.

Cahill has been utter crap and I can only say I put it down to his Oz excursions. He should decide who he wants to play for and if he still wants to do all that flying we should cash in, in the transfer window.
How about no, he looks good in the middle, them mistakes may benefit him. Increasing his awareness and helping him realise he has to be concentrating 100% of the time in there. The last two games, barring the mistakes, has been his best two performances this season. Let him settle there.
Is this post serious?

He's been one of our best players in the last two games, for the first time in a long time (bar his set pieces) fans at Goodison where praising him. He played the holding role with composure, class and lots of tenacity...

He can't be the creative force and the ball winner. At the moment he's having to cover two players who have poor positional sense (Cahill and Fellaini). He's doing it very well.

For the first time in a long time the team has looked balanced, we've played better football because Arteta have given the defence an outlet and we actually bossed a game and controlled possession.

He should stay in the team, he's far more effective centrally. He also kept the ball more than any of our other midfielders FACT.
Yes im beginning to sense a windup, he said we should drop Arteta and Jags, who he claims to have both been poor this season, then he said we should sell Cahill and finally all i can see when he posts is a picture of some washed up hasbeen pisshead drain on our wage bill.

But hey its all about views. I respect your view, but i have to disagree.

harshest of all is to say jags has been [Poor language removed], have you been watching at all this season.

yes better than you can read anyway.

I said jags and lescott have been mixed.

Jagielka has been one of the better performers in a poor performing back four this year.

He has scored an own goal against stoke, set up ashley young for villas second and has made plenty of mistakes - not withstanding his role in shoring up the defence recently.

so despite some of the views and media comments he's not been a rock or perfect.

AS for arteta, I asked the question. That's all.
i would drop him yes, or at least take all set-pieces from him.
plenty of defenders score own goals and stokes throws have caused everyone problems, jags is the one in defence that i dont reckon can be blamed. big nev used to ship goals for wales but that doesnt mean he was crap, the defence was, and ironically it more often than not consisted of team-mates.

dont bother reading what someone has posted, just get the gist of it and then use it to launch criticisms of that person.

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