2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin


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Other way around in the 70's punks/ skins ect in the Parkend were wearing the outlandish fashion not those on the pitch.
I am 60 now full on gammon to some on here and i have deffo worn stuff as bad as that in the punk/youth days and recall the same sort of comments as on here from people when scally fashion broke out around 76/77 , state of you , with your [Poor language removed] stoppers on and tarts haircut , and that was just in liverpool in some areas never mind the rest of the flare wearing UK.
Good on him ,I say better a bit of fashion that just walking about in a tracksuit , like half the footy players do.
Good player and you can never fault his effort, he will do for me.

You mention the punks there.

Loads of them used to wear kilts as part of their rig out and no one batted an eye lid.

Pretty sure John Lyndon started it ?


no balls, no everton shirt,
You mention the punks there.

Loads of them used to wear kilts as part of their rig out and no one batted an eye lid.

Pretty sure John Lyndon started it ?
Yes they did, if you went around probe Mathew Street record shop about 78 there were some massive skinhead punks wearing them ,with black leather or plastic trousers ,underneath good luck if you fancied saying they looked effeminate. 😉
Think Adam ant was the first one I recall, wearing a kilt, pre his ant music period.
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no balls, no everton shirt,
I'm 60 to so lived through the 70's, I never had the confidence to be a punk but was a Rude girl and wore my Fred Perry's, Stay Press trousers, white socks and loads, the men always looked smart, wish so.eone would bring g it back in fashion although I'm too old for it now 😆
Stay pressed levi were some of my favourite fashion items ever;).
Got two pairs ,from Greenbergs warehouse , had to root through big cardboard boxes to find them , £1.50 each in 77:)
Sure they had a blue star on the inside label, don't recall seeing that on any other levi at the time.


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I've been seeing loads of people on social media saying that you'd never see Big Dunc wearing stuff like DCL. Well you know, I'm no fashion expert but I don't see much difference between Dunc get up here and DCL's...........:coffee:

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