2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Whenever older men enter this thread and talk about his clothes I always picture this exact image:

- Family Christening.
- Pints of Carling.
- Untucked short-sleeved shirt, partially ironed, from Debenhams so classed as their best shirt. Maybe a horrid light blue or out-there purple. Maybe has some weird thin striped pattern.
- Navy bootcut jeans in regular fit - these have definitely seen better days.
- Plain black office shoes that should never be worn with navy jeans. Well, should never be worn.



Player Valuation: £35m
DCL was poor today, but so was the midfield behind him. It does not say much for young Kean that he was not put on for DCL mid 2nd half. Funny old game, DCL scores and should have had a second so he won't be feeling too bad tonight.
He has an assist and a goal. Not sure what more you can ask for. Except more assists and goals obviously


Player Valuation: £225k
Black people can get away with that ‘out-there’ style. It’s a life of hardship and abuse as a white lad. Believe me.
Lol it's not 'style' its fashion. Massive difference. Plus DCL looks like a tool here. Terrible look. White men with style rock it bro! You must be under 25? ;)

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