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Been off here for a while but need to vent a bit.
Getting married this year, anxiety has hit a all time high. Things I used to do day to day im avoiding massively. I play football at a pretty ok level and been claiming i'm injured for a while now to avoid going. Haven't had a haircut for about 3 months as the thought of sitting in a chair and not being able to move for the duration of the haircut is horrible. Even at work I dealt with customers with ease previously, now I avoid contact at all costs. Anxiety is eating away at me recently and finding life hard to deal with.
Try meditation. Cannot tell you how much this has helped me. Download head space app. 5 mins a day


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About the only thing about my job I like is that if I arrive early I can go home early, leaving me more time to do things I actually enjoy. The rest is a pointless, if well paid grind.

This morning my train was cancelled meaning I have an hour less of my own time tonight and I have to stay an extra hour in the office. I actually cried in the station.

The problem is that every other job I look at looks just as pointless and boring and I already failed at all my dream jobs. Surely the next 40 years can't be this miserable
The best advice I was given is that if the jobs you are looking at appear boring then you're looking at the wrong jobs, in the wrong places. I quit my job and moved to Spain as I couldn't go on. I realise not everyone can do that but you need to try and follow your heart. Every job I saw was awful, just the same old thing and there's few things more demoralising than job hunting. Try look outside your current industry. Go and volunteer somewhere or something if you can. It's hard to advise when I don't know you. But I know that feeling of being trapped mate but there's ways out.

Tim's tourettes

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This is a wonderful thread. Having suffered depression and anxiety myself without a way to release it and discuss it outside my closest I can do nothing but tip my hat to you guys, massive respect. Love you all.
Good man. Its boss isn't it?! Weird how it helps to unburden yourself onto strangers on a chat forum! It really helps me to know I'm not the only sufferer out there! I'm doing ok at the mo, back on a low dose of citalopram which is helping. Good days far outnumbering the bad but am getting horrible intrusive thoughts fairly often. Anyone else get these? Any tips for dealing with them?


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I got drunk last night. Relapsed. First drink in 3 weeks. If I don't count the Christmas period that's 2nd time I've been drunk in 5 months. Right back to square one. Hate myself today

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