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One of the most dangerous things facing young people, and young men in particular, is mental health problems, usually depression and/or anxiety.

In many, though obviously not all cases, this can lead to suicide, the majority of which could have been prevented by simply talking and seeking help.

Please use this thread that I created a few years ago to do just that - talk, open up. Do it anonymously, or do it from your current account - no one here will judge, I guarantee that you will find helping hands, many of whom, myself included, have been through it and come out of the other side. We can also provide the appropriate signposting to further and suitable help for you.

Use it for help, or to help others, or for both.

I can't promise that we can fix your problems, but I can promise that the members posting here will try to help you feel better.

My original post is below;

My original post from December 2013

Two years ago, one of us, killed himself. Now I, like many of you, attended his debut for us against Newcastle. A game we won 2-0. Ok, his Goodison career may not have exploded like many of us had hoped, but he at least gave us something to look forward to seeing every Saturday.

Gary Speed was an Evertonian. Gary Speed was a Goodison legend every time he stepped on to the pitch. He'd seen the team of ´85, he seen the league title wins of the ´80´s.

I'm a dad of small children - as a result, what he did is difficult for me to comprehend but one thing I cannot get my head around is why he would do such a thing.

I am smitten in love with Roberto Martinez, but I can almost guarantee you that if things had turned out different, Gary Speed would currently be the manager of Everton Football Club.

Now lads, my point isn't to be morbid - quite the opposite. IF YOU´RE FEELING DEPRESSED, TALK TO YOUR GP. DONT SUFFER ALONE.

If you’re suffering, please get help ASAP. See your GP at the earliest convenience. Here’s some useful links for those times when help may seem inaccessible;




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My Dad's uncle killed himself quite recently. No one knows why for sure, but the impact it has on a family can't be overstated. It's devastating.

Is right, Groucho. Everything can be sorted somehow.

Jamo Martinez

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I was suffering from clinical depression 7 years ago. Didn't sink so low as to contemplate suicide but it was rough period for me and my family. has to be said mine was diagnosed as a 'mild depression' so I dread to think what a severe case can do to you. I sought professional help and recovered very quickly. It's not always obvious what you're going through so it is important to talk to people.
I would reiterate what Jock says and add that anyone worried about possible symptons may actually prefer to talk to a more objective kind of anonymous person online. Any PMs will be treated with total confidentiality. I'm by no means an expert but if my experience can help, I'm here.


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Trouble with depression is that you may not feel sad the symptons show in many different ways. Sleeplessness, irrational anger, loss of appetite and loss of sex drive in addition to what you'd expect, sadness and feelings of wanting to end it all. So not only do you need to seek help you also need to listen to the loved ones around you.

I am currently suffering and take regular medication so likewise let me know by PM if you need to talk.

Jamo Martinez

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Trouble with depression is that you may not feel sad the symptons show in many different ways. Sleeplessness, irrational anger, loss of appetite and loss of sex drive in addition to what you'd expect, sadness and feelings of wanting to end it all. So not only do you need to seek help you also need to listen to the loved ones around you.

I am currently suffering and take regular medication so likewise let me know by PM if you need to talk.
This was one of my things. You know the way you run for a bus and just miss it so you might swear a bit and simmer down after a minute. That kind of thing would ruin my whole day. I'd literally be cursing for hours and be in a foul mood coz I'd missed a bus.


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especially in a week where a cricket player has had to go home from a tour through depresssion, which may have been going on for a while.

Interesting point. Sledging has been a strong part of cricket since before I was born. You stand out there with one other member of your team & endure an onslaught of abuse. All designed to get into your mind & put you off your game. What cannot be known at the time, is the batsmans total state of mind.

No player, or person, is going to state to the world that he or she has an issue of this nature. It's a private matter but, aside from that, the unscrupulous will take advantage of you. Therein lies the double edged sword. I can state that whilst relations between certain Aussie cricketers & English cricketers aren't great, I can't see anyone going out of their way to push someone who is known to have such an illness.

As a fan in the stands, you will do your best to help your team but, we're in a position now where racially villifying or any other form of abuse is unacceptable. These are good moves & this form of abuse is uncalled for in a modern, enlightened society.

On an individual level, you can visit numerous websites to discover what some of the signs are. Be aware of your friends & when you notice something out of character, or a different reaction, be mindful of it & tread carefully.

I'm learning a whole lot more about this because my 14 yo isgoing through a rough time at the moment & I'm watching very carefully.


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Would like to think, if anyone on here had a problem, they could speak to just about anyone on here. Alright, it's not a professional mental health care worker, but sometimes just voicing your concerns, in person or even online, can make the world of difference.

I did it a while back when I was pretty low. You know what? It helped. A lot.


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Im currently studying a further degree in Psychology so can only echo the posts on here, help is their either through professionals or through just having someone to be able to talk to, don't ever let it get so far as you feel isolated, always best to reach out before that stage.

Gary speed R.I.P. once a blue forever a blue

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I won't tread on Groucho's brilliantly eloquent words here, other than to echo his sentiments.

Just because you feel alone doesn't mean you have to be on your own.


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I've suffered and still do suffer with depression which has gone on since i was 15/16, parents don't understand how a 22 year old can be depressed, my little brother understands it more then them to be honest. I haven't told my doctor or really anyone else besides my immediate family because i'm not sure how it would help. Some days i feel boss like and others i could just sit there and cry but i don't do that like cause i don't like showing weakness, i feel i do know the root cause of my depression and i'm working on improving things for myself but it's hard when opportunities to do so aren't exactly in my control.

I've thought about killing myself and even collected the means to do it a few years back but thought better of it as it didn't seem fair on my family, i think if i didn't have one i'd have done though.


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Username, speaking to your Doctor might not help in your case but you won't know until you ask. In these matters, one size does not fit all but if you're not happy with the answer, ask someone else. There's no need to go through this alone.

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