Defending Set Pieces

Zonal or Man-To-Man

  • Zonal

    Votes: 38 13.9%
  • Man-To-Man

    Votes: 236 86.1%

  • Total voters
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Thoughts on how Silva is setting Everton up to defend set pieces?

Personally, every time we concede a set piece I think we look terrified.

Also thrown a poll in to see what fans would prefer.


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The players aren’t up for zonal, so regardless if it’s intrinsic to Silva’s style of play it’s just not viable.


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This was one area I actually thought we improved in during the second half of last season, but it looks to have gone downhill.

The defensive players need to be practicing it day in day out.


Player Valuation: £70m
Seeing as we've been nothing short of terrible at zonal, I'll have to say man marking.


I don't think pro's who have played man to man marking for the entirety of their careers find adapting to zonal marking easy.

hence all the mistakes that lead to goals.
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