Dave "Prenno" Prentice

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One man's wage rise, is another man's price rise
With the rumours going around he is going to be named the new Comms Manager I am curious what the opinions are of him amongst the support?

I think he's a Kenwright sycophant personally and I wouldn't want him anywhere near the club in an official capacity.

I am not surprised he was missing from today's Echo podcast on Benitez's sacking after he had spent months belittling the support for being against Benitez.
I for one welcome our new spin doctor...and if he tells me its Wednesday, I'll deffo be sure to check its not Tuesday or Thursday.
Cue more smoke and mirrors


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I never realised there was so much hate for the man. I’ve only known him from the royal blue podcast which I think is the best one personally. Imagine being angry about this appointment. Seriously who cares ffs.
Well if you’d listened to them pods, surely you know why. Constantly praising Bill. Says Unsworth is doing a great job. Coleman is a great captain and leader.

He’s full of sentimental bull

This is a supposedly evertonian who wrote a piece in the echo on how bad Gillette and hicks were at Liverpool and needed to be removed. Yet not a bad word about Bill in over 20yrs.


Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
Typical modern day journalist, or client journalist I believe the term is now for lackeys like this. Useless and dangerous.
There's nothing new about local football reporters being close to those who run the clubs they report on.

It's how it's always been. You read The Echo, or any other publication, with that in mind. They have to walk a tightrope to maintain access - and I think most people understand that and take coverage with a pinch of salt accordingly.


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Agreed, but it’s just another layer to add to what is wrong with our club

Exactly this, its just another yes man who are there to kiss ass and this further reduces the professionalism and competency that is required at EFC, now more than ever.

Were the footballing equivalent of North Korea.

Oh yes, everything is wonderful eternal chairman, eternal general secretary and generalissimo of the people's club of evertonia, supreme leader Kenwrong-drone-on, we thank you for those "good times".

With grand eternal leader moshiri-dum-fuk we will rule for all time.
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I’ve met Ken Rogers, interesting guy.
My late Father in law's cousin - never met him as before they could meet my father-in-law passed away , but My wife shared common interest with him on the Rogers family tree ages ago via email he sounded a very nice genuine guy - we exchanged e-mail at that time many years ago - plus we became avid readers of his books both for me on football - plus my wife read his Liverpool books history etc -

My late father-in-law did contact him as they shared the same great-grandmother of his .... & had a good chat they stated they would meet, but due to illness it sadly never happened - He seemed a great guy & it came across in all his books ...


Player Valuation: £40m
Prenno has gone very quiet on Twitter, which is strange given our situation.

His new contract must have included a clause which states that he isn’t allowed to express his own opinion… unless of course that opinion is shared by the board and/or owner.
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