Match Thread Crystal Palace vs Everton, 18/11/2017. KO @ 3pm GMT.

Who will be less crap on the day?

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II McColl II

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Absolutely horrific 1st half, not only the players but tactically this is about as bad as it gets from Unsy.

We've sat deep all game, barely left our own half except for the last minute of the half and that was only because Niasse caused their GK to turn into a muppet when pressured.

We're playing a midfield 5 in a line, at times Schneiderlin pushes on to pressure then 2 drop but when 1 of them is Sigurdsson it makes it nearly pointless playing him, again the goal got played through by Glyfi being in an advanced position so just play him closer to Niasse to start with. Lennon and Lookman have been anonymous more so Lennon, Lookman just been isolated and rubbish he's nowhere near ready to be a starter based on that half.

Defensively deep line again is crap, they have no recognised striker so why we are defending our penalty area is beyond me, if they play a ball over the line just have Pickford expecting danger. Keane playing left side aswell is ridiculous, spent his whole career on the right and is out of form as it is so putting him on the opposite side is asking for problems.

Just change the mentality and tactics to be the dominant side, playing like a championship team against Palace ffs. Every interview Unsy talks about playing on the front foot, 2nd half he needs to show a set of balls and actually get the team playing like this instead of a flat 5 sitting on the defenders ass.


Kenny - Keane - Jags - Baines

Davies - Schneiderlin

Lennon - Sigurdsson - Lookman



Player Valuation: £100k
Schneiderlin - Gueye, Sigurdsson, Gueye valued around 30-35m, Scheniederlin we paid 25m for and 45 for sigurdsson - so thats 100-110m for our central midfield and it looks like a group of pub players

45m For Sigurdsson, Gabriel jesus - 23m, Ricarlison cost 13m, Salah cost 35m, we basically made the single worst purchase in the clubs history paying that amount ultimately...
It's a horrific amount of money when you compare him to those players , i'd be firing anyone who played any part in this summers recruitment, only the keeper looks anywhere near worth what we paid for him.


Player Valuation: £70m
We've gone from a possession based team to one who's scared of even having the ball at all in the space of 2 seasons lol

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