2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £35m
I'm always quite surprised when people take this as true.

£11m a year to manage Everton vs £11m a year to manage Real Madrid, where he is guaranteed to win 80% of his games just by getting 11 players onto the pitch.

There's a club media manager who tells them to say this stuff. It's all scripted.
Still he’s been there do it with the big teams, I honestly thought nearing the end of his managerial career he wanted a proper challenge, tbh it was to hard for him here, it’s that his fault or has Everton become the hardest managerial job in the world.


Player Valuation: £25m
He had a season here with better players than some previous managers have had and he done no better, no worse.

I judge every player and manager on their time at Everton and not what’s gone before.
It was same old slow and boring backwards and sideways football.

The only downside is he may have attracted better players, but that didn’t count for much this season.
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