Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £70m
I don't want Moyes under any circumstances, mate. I'd be ok with Carlo Ancelotti, I just worry that it could be an expensive mistake and there's people better suited to where we are right now.
Who’s better suited? Please tell me....


Player Valuation: £25m
I read that the Napoli players said training wasn't intense enough, not sure what make of that as it's been an ugly few months there.

Although apparently at Bayern the players moaned about the same thing and had extra training sessions when Ancelotti left the training complex during the last few months he was at Bayern.

Football tends to change every 5-10 years, Mourinho is still set in his ways and his football look prehistoric in the modern era of fast attacking transitional football. Fergie at United was brilliant as he always adapted and continued to have long success, he changed from the 442 and moved to 433 and hired forward thinking coaches like Carlos Quiroz and Rene Mulensteen.
Silva was EXTREMELY full on.. how did that work out?


Player Valuation: £15m
Everybody jumping on one poster because he'd rather have another manager than Ancelotti, grow up, opinions are allowed. I'm not against Ancelotti at all but I can still manage to understand the points he's making.


Player Valuation: £500k
It's about progression. If Ancelotti takes us to 6th and then leaves, allowing the next person to come in and take us from that position, it will have been a success.
Yes, it would have been a success, but Ancelotti would be better suited to an Everton in 6th, than an Everton 2 points off relegation.


Player Valuation: £25m
Everybody jumping on one poster because he'd rather have another manager than Ancelotti, grow up, opinions are allowed. I'm not against Ancelotti at all but I can still manage to understand the points he's making.
Mate he’s a troll it’s obvious


Player Valuation: £500k
Having Carlo also means our next manager could be a Poch or a Kovac... we will be using him just as much
Why can't we get Niko Kovac now? He's another heavily criticised in Germany. I doubt he's going to walk into an elite job. If you still think he's a top manager, then why not now?

Sverre Takleifbotten

Player Valuation: £500k
Ancelotti has achieved just about everything that can be achieved as a manager. However, questions are raised regarding his manager's skills. This is because he has exclusively trained clubs with the most expensive squads, and although he has won trophies, he has left no lasting legacy. His leadership style and training regime have also been criticized.

From CS's perspective, Everton should be a perfect opportunity for him to answer the critics. To prove that he is not only a posh manager, but also a manager who can get dirt under his nails. A manager who can make the team better than the players' individual product. Through proper training, pedagogy, playing style, tactic, etc.

Personally, I believe neither Ancelotti has the skills nor the energy required, but this is precisely what Ancelotti must disprove if he is to be considered one of the greatest.


Player Valuation: £70m
So Ancelotti comes in shakes everyone's hands and suddenly they're all miles better players. How are we going to reach the top? Are we suddenly just going to spend a shed load of money, which FFP prohibits? It needs hard work on the training ground. We need the right man for this particular job.
No mate
He's the type of manager that signs the likes of Kouliballi ,Lorenzo & Mertens and gives the team a chance of winning something.

But you think another way is better then ok.


Player Valuation: £500k
He’d be gone within 2 years, he’d either fail miserably or go to a bigger club. He’s not a long term manager, I would hope if he did come it would be with an eye on bringing a successor with him.
So would literally any other manager though. There’s no such thing as a long term manager anymore. The likes of Pep and Klopp are the only ones and that’s because they constantly bring success to their teams and even then they’ve both said they’re leaving their jobs at the end of their contracts.

No such thing as having a manager for 5 or 6 years anymore. I’d rather Ancelotti come in and at least set the tone for what to expect for the years to come afterwards. Anyone can step into Marco Silva’s boots right now but if Ancelotti came then his replacement would have to be of a similar pedigree.

Short term success will help this club massively and I think Ancelotti is the man to do that. Also for those on about his age (which is nothing for a manager) Ranieri wasn’t a young man going into a struggling Leicester team and look what he achieved and now look at them, they went from literally surviving by the skin of their teeth to an established Champions League contender in just a couple of years.

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