Bill Kenwright


Player Valuation: £50m
A chairman an owner who failed to grow a football club over 10 years and actually end up with nothing to spend despite constant growth on the pitch is a failure.

When everyone else were growing we stood still, even paying the bills with our best players being sold at one point.

Kenwright had this club running on the bones of its arse despite the manager putting it into European football almost yearly.

Nothing about kenwright tenure here should be celebrated. He failed the club.
He should have sold when we were actually challenging. We missed the chance to kick on.


Player Valuation: £35m
He should have sold when we were actually challenging. We missed the chance to kick on.
It's laughable that the lack of success is in any way championed by anyone.

He literally didn't back the manager for over 2 years! Right when we could have kicked on from a cup final and European football , there was literally no money and crap loans / frees to patch the squad together.

Kenwright should be lambasted as a curse on the club , not even remotely celebrated for any lack of achievement that fans perceive him to have got.


Welcome back Wayne
Was he a good owner? No

Was he a good chairman? Maybe

Is he a good man? I think so.

Time to stop looking at Kenwright and what's currently happening at the club, he has no real power left.

If I met him I'd shake his hand and insist he buys me a pint.
This really.....I don’t understand the hate for Bill, frustration maybe but not hate.....


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Dislike not hate. Personally I felt, before Moshiri, it was becoming Bill Kenwright FC not Everton FC. I don’t think I’ve felt the same about the club since that protest period, the standing ovation some gave him during a match against Aston Villa, whilst I respect people’s right to do so, I didn’t feel that love or appreciation for him at all and as I said i don’t think I’ve felt the same about us since then.

What got me most was not just what was said but what wasn’t said.

* “Be careful what you wish for. Don’t want to be a Leeds, Portsmouth, Venkys”. This was pushed a lot by media pals and some fans. No Evertonian wanted us to be like them, so why keep repeating it? Why keep going to the phrase book for a retort? Again it’s “hey it could be worse” , what’s missing is “hey this could be better.” which in my opinion a big club should be thinking.

* The infamous Blue Union interview he did. Again, the media pals and some fans pushed this as an outrageous total lack of class by the chaps who were there. Recording it or taking notes. If you believe that , fine but what was really telling was that the context of the interview itself was revealing of the mindset of the club and its content was deliberately ostracised to concentrate a full on character assassination of the fellas who were there. That’s rather telling to me. The likes of the Echo were also very tepid in their coverage of all this, a hesitation, again rather telling. Then we had the leaked Ian Ross emails. Those were telling and damning.

Do I hate Bill Kenwright? No. Do I dislike him? Yes. He strikes me as a phoney with a big ego. If you like him fine but don’t go telling me who’s the biggest blue. It’s not a competition. We all love the club here, some of us have differing opinions on it.


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I have a horrible feeling that moshiri is crazy, like Al Fayed was at Fulham. I am happy for bill to be a presence at the club until moshiri proves otherwise.

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