Bill Kenwright


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Well we've never won anything since he became head honcho and we'll continue never to win anything as long as he has influence.

Kenwright doesn't care about success. All he cares about is keeping his beloved Chairman's seat and being seen as Mr Everton.

Under pressure? Either go into hiding or give the usual embarrassing over emotional interview reminding everyone for about the 10 millionth time how much you love the club and used to go in the boys pen etc. It keeps the easily pleased masses onside.

Big Fat Sam

Player Valuation: £70m
Get him out while we’re at it.
Is it a coincidence that, since Blue Bill left Corrie and got involved with us, Corrie's ratings have dropped and we've become specialists in failure?

Get him to Salford Quays asap ffs and finally say sianara to everybody's favourite Blue grandfather.


Player Valuation: £70m
Hes REALLY not.

Moshiri picked Silva, Moshiri picked Big Sam, Moshiri picked Koeman, Walsh and Brands signed all the players.

Maybe we still let him pick the biscuits in the Board room?
Moshiri has got him back in as an advisor on big decisions mert .. straight up


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Kenwright has been on the board since 1989 (when were still big five), has been Chairman or vice Chairman since 1999 so I don't know why some beaut thinks we should only go back '3 years'.

He's had his fingerprints on every decision this club has made in the last 30 bleedin' years so I don't see why he shouldn't be called out. He's the only one whose been a constant in the boardroom in that time.

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