2019/20 Bernard


Player Valuation: £70m
So happy with that. It's almost a carbon copy of the chance to shoot he passed up at Palace. If he backs himself more there, we score more goals.

Exactly what he needs to do. Didn't think twice either. Brilliant.
I was certain he would knock it left again but hoping he would drive forward and have a pop.

Silva or someone must have had a word with him..


Player Valuation: £70m
We are desperate for players that can do just that and score out of nothing. Kean looks promising. Richarlison and Sigurdsson have that ability. If we can add Bernard to the list, we should be able to grab way more of these games. We weren’t very good today, but good teams pull through.


Allardyce Out
He was tremendous today. He was good at Palace too for about 40 minutes, today he was great throughout.

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