Match Thread ATK Irdning v Everton Saturday 14th July 4pm KO

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People wanted to watch it. We shouldn’t have broadcast it because the other team was crap?

Where do you draw the line? Who decides if a team is too crap to be broadcast? You?
I've no issue with the broadcast myself - I watched it and was happy for the opportunity.
This game wasn't a part of any of the pre-season fixture schedules that were published - it was a late addition and the type of game that's usually played behind closed doors. That was the only point I was trying to make (it would've prevented the grief that's come out of this as a result)

...was trying to defend the club for playing the game - now I find myself defending the point that I was making to someone that appears to have the same view as myself.


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The keeper started turning his back like he was a kid having a game of heads and volleys in the park or something and couldn't be arsed as he'd let that many in and he was making it look like he wasn't trying anymore so they wouldn't say he's crap.
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