At the edge of the precipice

Big Sam or Big Sean, who gets your vote?

  • Gravy tits

  • Disc beard

  • Wait for Roy Hodgson to be available in a fortnight or so.

  • Cheese on Egil Olsen

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Bohemian Toffee

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Lampard is a chancer, nothing about the man suggests he has the nous or know-how to guide us through this fight. An appointment driven by name recognition and the need to rebuild some of the damage done by that absolute travesty of a man, Benitez.

Back before Lampard was appointed, when other candidates were showing up on sky sports news to detail their levels of insanity, I was quietly suggesting that we should hire Sean Dyche. Not only would he have crawled here for a chance to work for a club with a post Neolithic-era fanbase his departure would have weakened one of our main rivals fight to survive the drop.

Also, Dyche coaching our gang over overpaid, spineless mercenaries (and young Gordon) would have been excellent sport.

Now, I read a thread extolling the virtues of Alladyce over Lampard and ask you all to consider. Which of the premier league's Red Adairs gets your call?


The rain, it raineth every day

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