Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

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I blame all the over positive lizards creaming over an insipid home loss to Chelsea last week. Your supporting of inept Evertons allows the manager to play the same team result.
Exactly. I was livid we lost to Chelsea last week as they are usually one of our easiest 3 points at home.
This does remind me of a game away at West Brom when Fat Head Koeman decided to play Delefeou as a striker. Nothing stuck andhe was chasing shadows against grocks. Lukaku was coming back from an injury, so didn't start. So much better when he came on. Similar situation for Gordon today.

Sadly, we have Rondon as our striker option today, not a young up and coming Lukaku.



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The big takeaway for me is that Villa are as bad as I thought, but we’re so lacking in attacking quality that it doesn’t matter at all. Have to hope for a set piece or weird goal here. Iwobi our best player again. Patterson doing well too. I like that Coady already looks like the leader out on the pitch.


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Too many terrible players playing together to expect any points in any game really. Davies, Doucouré, Gray, Gordon, McNeil. Playing even three of them together is almost forfeiting the points, 4 of them takes us to about League Two standard.


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And nah I didn't imagine that lump flying through one of our players in their box.

And instead of looking at it, the VAR decided to show me a slow mo of Tom Davies' awful overhead kick.

Just end the season now.

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Good analysis of the Villa goal from Ferdinand there. Can't shake the feeling that we don't have the midfielders to play the system Lampard wants.

We're not getting anything here today, just can't see it.


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Thought Gordon was our only outlet all half tbh, don't understand people slating him, Gray has been weak keeps turning himself infield into traffic, McNeil errrrm hmmm, errrrrm, hmmm.

Sight of Davies coming on is a wake up call to everyone who thinks we've significantly upgraded cm, one injury and he's on for his customary ten minute booking.

Positive, least we still have four more subs to throw at this and hope something works vs a frankly awful villa side.

Our two best passers are Coadey and Tarkowski, sadly thru have no one to actually pass too in front. Iwobi at least seem to wake up after we went behind and Patterson looks lively


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Oh! Frank.....bit disappointed in the selection. Gordon didn't work last week and not working again. Blunt as hell. Villa picking our pockets through the wing back vacated spaces and we haven't got much outlet.

Poor so far are Gordon (mitigating circumstances but has to stay on feet more as he is becoming well known as a diver)
Doucoure (subbed with not Onana but FFS Davies)
With our attack being so blunt we cannot concede but we have. Difficult to see us getting anything from this game due to blunt attack.

Frank.....why persist with Gordon up top when you and us know he is not suited.
At least Rondon can use a bit of muscle and try to hold the ball up.

Villa are working at getting around the back of us with some success but I cannot blame Patterson or Mykolenko at all as they are expected to be pushing forward. Until we can keep hold of the ball we will always be exposed down our flanks

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