Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

Everton Man of the Match

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Player Valuation: £90m
Thought Gordon was our only outlet all half tbh, don't understand people slating him, Gray has been weak keeps turning himself infield into traffic, McNeil errrrm hmmm, errrrrm, hmmm.

Sight of Davies coming on is a wake up call to everyone who thinks we've significantly upgraded cm, one injury and he's on for his customary ten minute booking.

Positive, least we still have four more subs to throw at this and hope something works vs a frankly awful villa side.

Our two best passers are Coadey and Tarkowski, sadly thru have no one to actually pass too in front. Iwobi at least seem to wake up after we went behind and Patterson looks lively
Well neither of the new midfielders are available to start yet so I'm not too worried about the depth going forward


Player Valuation: £20m

And nah I didn't imagine that lump flying through one of our players in their box.

And instead of looking at it, the VAR decided to show me a slow mo of Tom Davies' awful overhead kick.

Just end the season now.

I thought this was the incident they were checking. Seems like they were checking for a handball. It’s clumsy.

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