Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

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blue to the bone

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So we are on the road for the first time this season after an opening day loss at home to Chelsea. We didn't play too bad but had no cutting edge . And now Ben Godfrey and big Yerry are broken.
We have add the experienced Conor coady and the exciting Amadou Onana and maybe will see more in before Saturday.
Defensively we do look more solid but we will need more attacking threat to win here.
Villa managed by the devil's spawn will want to bounce back from an opening day loss also.


So into these brummie slags blues and get the show on the road for the season.
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bring back the catt

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No picture, no jarg line up.

8/10 for the "brummie slags" and thats being generous.
Spent far too many of my precious minutes on this green earth in that part of the world to regard these with nothing other than disdain. They are nicknamed 'The Vile' for good reason.

I have no problem with any of the other clubs in the Brummie or Black Country areas, or their fans, but please for your own safety, do not mix the two up. Mayhem! It's just that these, in the main, seem to be their equivalent of the rs.

Martin Alvito

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As things stand, no one up top will mean another opportunity missed to get 3 points imo. Could have easily bagged 3 points against Chelsea had we had something to offer in the top 3rd. Saturday would be another waste of a chance but thats how it's looking currently.

Maybe nick a goal from a set piece and be defensively resolute
Yeah, it's going to look like Ancelotti starting the four CBs for a bit. We probably have added some set piece threat, and the wingers do have edge-of-the-box rockets in them.

At least the points we're likely squandering here are in an away bogey fixture. There are far worse pairs of fixtures to run bad in to start the campaign.


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A very winnable game - but we've got no strikers. So, this means the manager needs to coach a performance here and come up with a tactical plan that can get something. This is a big game for Frank. Can he do that or is he utterly dependent on the quality of player at his disposal? He's not exactly up against a strategic master in the other dug out. I'm not prepared to surrender the points in this one until we get someone in up front. People spoke last week about the defeat having "positives." Well, there is no moral victory in defeat at Villa Park. Time to get some points on the board.
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