Are you happy with the Summer Transfer Window business

Happy or Not?

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*Sips Coffee*
Happy right now! Would love to get that RW and RB in. Would be the perfect window we needed. Also need to do some shifting of current players, securing decent loans for Jarrad, Gibson, Davis, selling the deadwood we have been talking about, wouldn’t mind getting a older CB on loan or free to cover that 4th spot while the young guys get their loans


Player Valuation: £750k
Very happy so far but we still need a RB/RW/GK before the deadline so I'll reserve judgement til then.


Player Valuation: £25m
Pretty happy. We had an issue in the team, we’ve focused our recruitment on that issue.

More to do and I think we need to continue our longer term strategy of signing young players for cheap and developing (Branthwaite, nkounkou).

We obviously need to reduce the squad but the contracts some of the players are on will make this tough so we’ll need to be patient. That’ll happen with time.

Happy to have addressed the immediate issues. Hopefully the signings come good.


Player Valuation: £60m
Still a massive job to be done and will not be rectified in 1 window. What he has done is identified our midfield as weak, unbalanced and one of the worst in the division..............bang!! 3 established above average players for bargain prices. He has plugged the gaping hole in style. We see how they settle and how affective they are at helping the defence and attack. This will also show if DCL or Kean are up to it and same for the defence and then we are able to tweak here and there if the midfield is a success.

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