2022/23 Anthony Gordon

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I'm quite confident that he'll still be an Everton player come September. Just can't see Chelsea shelling out 50 mil on a player with like 3/4 goals.
This isn't about the club going bankrupt if we don't sell him.

If the lad doesn't want to go and pretty sure the manager doesn't want to lose him either.

Then it doesn't matter if chelsea match our sale price, the lad simply refuses to negotiate a contract with them and stays.

Would it take big balls from him to do so, yup, but this is the lad not scared to go to Carlo and ask why he's not playing.

If Chelsea are entering multiple bids it’s because Gordon’s agent has invited them. Top clubs don’t formally bid for players who have no interest in them.
If that's true why hasn't de- Jong come out and say he doesn't want to go to United? It's out of the players hands mate when it's between two clubs. Contract's don't mean a thing.
Because De Jong doesn't want to be at Barca but he wants whats owed through deferred salary.

He'd be off in a flash to a CL team as soon as thats happened. 18m EUR is a lot of EUR

What ever happens he wont be playing on Saturday. No transfer and 'his head isnt in the right place atm' when the team is announced. Just my opinion like.
MGW end product in the Championship provided a highlights showcase which he 'may' be able to replicate in the premier league.

If he can then hes a top class player.

Could Gordon provide the same goals/assists numbers in the championship?

3084 mins / 12 goals + 10 assists

The variety of passing, finishing and showing the same effort Gordon does was all evident on his highlights package.

It's irrelevant. We are not in the championship.

His record is 1 goal in 47 games and hes older than Gordon.

I couldn't care less what he does in the championship. To date hes not shown what hes done in the premiership hasnt been anything special.

Very interesting article from Swiss Rambler on this and I know some dismiss everything he says this article puts some perspective

I think people understand the rules mate, but the rules just dont make any sense. They bake in inequality.

We have spent the 12th most net in the league over the last 5 years, but are the only ones in trouble with the rules for overspending. That shows you the rules are ill fitting.

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