2019/20 Andre Gomes

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Player Valuation: £70m
The thing about today is if that was what he gave you most weeks and you took out the shockers it would be fine. 7 or 8 games out of 10 like that with 2 where he knocks it out of the park and you've got something. But it tends to be 2 of the great ones 4 or 5 of those and then 3 or 4 stinkers.


Player Valuation: £70m
He CAN be a good footballer. Fitness or a lack of runners can not be blamed for him just randomly kicking balls out of play and losing possession for keeping the ball too long.

Personally I would play him further upfield. Maybe not right now as our options are limited but his talents seem more suited further up the pitch.

The problem for me with him is I don't think he was that good before he got injured. The talent is there for all to see but he goes missing too often and when he is bad he is shocking.

I'm not saying get rid or anything!

Of course they can mate, like it or not conditioning is a huge part of recovery from injury, he missed a huge chunk of the season and 8 games back into a come back, the majority of themcoming every three days, to be honest I think it’s blindly obvious he’s notmatch fit, condititiooned and fatigued, all those things leading to errors.

Its not a bad idea, we lack penetration in the central channel, for it to work, I think we need to okay with two midfielders behind in a double pivot. It’s crossed my mind to.

To be honest I don’t think he’s got going this season at all, he had an injury at the start of the season as well and the bad one came when he was playing himself into a bit of form.

We saw better last season, but full tilt a player of worth to us in my opinion.


Player Valuation: £70m
He has quality but was poor today. Slow, careless, clumsy, gave the free kick away for the goal. It’s hard to imagine he can play in a midfield 2 unless he’s next to an all action player like Gana.
Looked better when he pushed forward.

That’s fair mate, i think there are reasons for his poor form myself as I say, he played with Gueye last year and we were all rabit to sign him in the summer, still think he’s an excellent player myself. I know we’re your coming from though.


Player Valuation: £5m
Still think it is just a confidence and physical self-preservation with him. Actually knocked his foot in a couple of times later on in the game and when it didn't get kicked off you could actually see the shoulders go back a bit. Look at him put the foot in when he put in the pass for DCL, he is slowly feeling his way back into the game.

Hopefully the last 15-20 mins helped his confidence because of the assist (should have had a second), and that he starts to feel physically capable (not scared).

He is the one player that is out of form that I think needs the break, and will come back a better player.

Brands knows his limitations which is why he went and got Gbamin...it just hasn't worked out that way.


Player Valuation: £70m
Best game since his injury. Always looking for the ball, moving it quickly but did dally on the ball occasionally.

was even better when Gordon and digne we’re linking on the left.

he will come good under Carlo and with an actual midfielder next to him
I was watching a different game obviously.
The game I saw had Gomes slow on the ball, losing possession too often passing sideways or back.
At fault for their goal but was better in the last ten minutes.
Anybody who thinks we are going to have a good team with him playing anything like that is fooling themselves.


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Fitness is certainly an issue, confidence too. But the amount of simple 5 yard passes that end up as gifts for the opposition is worrying.

The Hollywood ball just isn't working either. Hopefully with improved fitness and confidence (in the very near future) the running in glue look should go.


Player Valuation: £60m
Gomes with the right balance around him is a good player. Stick [Poor language removed] with him and he drops to there level.Totally different player when Davies was replaced with Siggy.


Player Valuation: £500k
He had a good first ten or so minutes, fizzing passes into feet with accuracy and taking more risks and playing with more 'personality'. Faded considerably and got caught in possession in poor positions, leaving us vulnerable on a couple of occasions. However, when chasing the equaliser, he was forced to play ten yards further up, and he had a lot more options on and acted as a good creative outlet, providing the assist for Walcott with a pinpoint curling cross from his weaker foot.

If we bring in a combative midfielder (Allan) or a more dynamic, defensive-minded one (Sangaré), he'll be fine in a 'two' against teams without a high press. Otherwise, playing as the more advanced player in a three-man midfield should be on the cards moving forward. There's not a great deal he can do alongside Davies who offers very little (be it in defense or attack), and is starting to handicap us significantly.
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