Confirmed Signing Amadou Onana

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Player Valuation: £70m
Can’t get my head round people who’ve spent the whole summer banging on about getting midfielders in suddenly deciding we don’t need them anymore because of one injury. Nothing has changed, we needed to address the midfield and the attack and we still do.

I know virtually nothing about this lad but on paper it’s exactly the type of signing we need to be making. It would also make the signing of gueye make much more sense. Those two and a decent striker and this starts to look like much more like the window I was hoping for.

It will sound a bit snidy and it's not meant to be, but I think sometimes people just want to have a moan.

Tarkowski- Hes too old
McNeil- Hes not old but hes from Burnley
Vinagre- Only signed him because he played for Wolves
Gana- No sell on, too old
Onana- Young, not from the PL, no connection to Burnley/Wolves- why arent we buying a striker.

Theres always going to be a reason not to do something. But Gana/Onana together would be smart business.


Player Valuation: £6m
Apparently only €10m up front and instalments on rest. Presumably we will offer a 5 or 6 year deal to spread amortisation. If we can get this done it makes the IGG move make more sense as you have the future learning from the past/present. Onana is still raw and inexperienced so if he does come expect him to be eased in. Really changes MF if it happens, just leaving the black hole up front!


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Reports this morning from a number of reputed journos are saying that we've matched their bid and the kid would prefer coming here.

My bad - I saw this this morning when I got up...



Player Valuation: £80m
I would think we'd have to have some kind of regular contact with them mate, even if it isn't being done on a signing by signing basis

Either that mate or we literally agreed to get the wages down to a certain reduction over prior levels and that we wouldn't exceed a certain transfer spend over income via transfers on the P&S this season.

In theory assuming 3 players on 5 year contracts with the fee split evenly per year and a total cost of 75m for them that'd hit the books at 15m for next season - less than what we can show as incoming via Kean going by 10m and we would pay 10m for hitting Dele's first clause - so that kind of outlay is very feasible -


Player Valuation: £15m
If we don’t concede we don’t lose.

We had a very successful strategy of a not great quality striker up front with Marcus Bent once upon a time… we just need someone up top Who can run all day (and hopefully has a better skill set than Marcus did)
most posters on GOT haven`t quite grasped that concept, they thought if you concede 3 goals then that new striker we bought with all the money we haven`t got, would score 4


Player Valuation: £70m
We aint challenging for europe this season so I'm not fussed if we dont get all that we need until 31st August tbh.

This season is all about pushing top half - Chelsea and Villa away our first 2 games will both be back to the walls defending and hoping to nick a scruffy goal anyway.

Signing a CF wont make much difference to the game plan of those 2 games realistically providing Dele can step up and hold the ball as a target man type forward.
Maybe but six games this month we will need someone Alli in an unfamiliar position backed up by Rondon is not a good strike force. We need another. I suspect we are holding out for Broja maybe he comes after we have played them.


Player Valuation: £6m
Maybe but six games this month we will need someone Alli in an unfamiliar position backed up by Rondon is not a good strike force. We need another. I suspect we are holding out for Broja maybe he comes after we have played them.
Last minute deadline deal no doubt. He wouldn't be able to play against us in any case.
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