Confirmed Signing Amadou Onana

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Paul Rideout

Player Valuation: £35m
Not sure would be seen as a priority over signing a striker. On the face of it ,if as reported weeks ago Lille put a price of £50 mil on the lad maybe once a bid by W.Ham was agreed for a much lower price the club has pushed the button.

It could very well be the same ( or waiting for the green light on a loan ) for a striker.

Its a far better policy than the Siggurdson ,Iwobi & Bolassie signings.
If we don’t concede we don’t lose.

We had a very successful strategy of a not great quality striker up front with Marcus Bent once upon a time… we just need someone up top Who can run all day (and hopefully has a better skill set than Marcus did)


Player Valuation: £80m
The league has indulged us quite a bit to be fair. We've taken the pizzle more than once in regards to FFP and they've usually let us off the hook

Think last season us literally spending nothing - and this selling Richy reducing costs - maybe even informing the league about us setting a 'wage cap ' going forwards which I've heard rumours we are - shows clear intent to work towards compliance and is enough


Player Valuation: £35m
Never heard of this fell u til West Ham wanted him, what type is he, is he creative?

If not then it’s just one more player to pass it sideways and backwards, we desperately need a midfielder who can get the ball and look forward.

Peter The Dog

Player Valuation: £6m
He fits the profile of exactly what we need a big powerhouse in midfield who will help on set pieces at both ends of the pitch, played in the CL and impressed and is only 20.

Signings like this I don’t think you can lose really because of his age.

Look at Moise Kean he was dreadful and we still got or will get our money back on him
if we sign him, i hope you're right!
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Player Valuation: £60m
Onana - Gueye - Doucoure as midfield 3.

Allan and Iwobi as backups.

Though I'm sure there's probably some odd ball who'd prefer a midfield of Davies, Gomes and Gbamin.

The lack of any creativity in that midfield 3 scares me. I'd rather Iwobi start who will at least carry the ball and look to link up with the striker. I dont think you'd need Onana, Gueye AND Doucoure in hte same midfield.


It would be nice to have players who can slot and change and do each others jobs game-to-game.


Player Valuation: £70m
I think we actually have a lot more freedom than sone people have been trying to insist we have mate.

Didn't for example esk turn around and say we couldn't buy anyone before selling another player for example like the day before we bought McNeil?

Wonder how they'll all explain this one if we sign him ☺️☺️

It suits the club to make out we have no cash.

Telling everyone you're super rich makes it harder to do deals, as people just start demanding more. It's not a sensible rhetoric.

A slight tangent, but have been reading about the company WeWork, who were losing 100m a week under their maniac CEO. Someone said, as soon as they got their 4bn investment, they screamed it to the rooftops, and every supplier just massively increased their prices. It's not good practice at all to make that known (as we did, and as Newcastle are finding).

The other thing, is that Kenwright is now far more involved. Whatever we think of the guy (and I want him as far away from the club as possible) he sort of gets how bits of football work, and is very good at playing the poverty card.

Like we have probably strung Burnley along a bit, getting McNeil for 15m with a down payment of 3/4m on the basis they feel we dont have more.


Player Valuation: £10m
Onana - Gueye - Doucoure as midfield 3.

Allan and Iwobi as backups.

Though I'm sure there's probably some odd ball who'd prefer a midfield of Davies, Gomes and Gbamin.
To be fair that kind of midfield has us safe before we kick a ball until the Everton injury jinx kicks in.


Player Valuation: £80m
Can’t get my head round people who’ve spent the whole summer banging on about getting midfielders in suddenly deciding we don’t need them anymore because of one injury. Nothing has changed, we needed to address the midfield and the attack and we still do.

I know virtually nothing about this lad but on paper it’s exactly the type of signing we need to be making. It would also make the signing of gueye make much more sense. Those two and a decent striker and this starts to look like much more like the window I was hoping for.

We may actually have a DoF working with rather than against a manager with a plan mate

Feels weird even saying that.

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