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Player Valuation: £1.5m 36 with bad knees and I can out run any off them no problem !!!


How much for the pair?
Don't think we played badly at all. The ball just wasn't falling for us today.

We conceded three really sh*te goals, but nobody was particularly to blame for them really.

If they hadn't have scored that jammy free kick, we would've beaten them 3-1.
Crap defending and fear to challenge for the first.

Delph LITERALLY at fault for the second.

Mina forgetting he's actually on the pitch for the 3rd, to add to Keane forgetting he can cover ground.


Barnfred 55

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"Bournemouth 3-1 Everton

Everton could have gone third with a win today and now social media is full of people wanting Marco Silva to lose his job.
Welcome to 2019"

Copy and pasted from the BBC website.

Says everything I could have wanted to say myself so I'll just leave it with you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all.


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Made up I never went now. Typical Everton, a chance to push up there and we flap it, happens under every manager we have.

It's all too nice, its 1-1 and we don't really go for it to take the lead, like we are just happy to not be losing, no go for it and grab a goal or two and kill it. Defending absolutely awful, standing watching from corners, Delph going for the ball with his left foot instead of his right.

They just annoy me so much.


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Relegation fodder, every aspect of the club points that way. In my local the Leeds fans were openly laughing at us.


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What you have to ask yourself is: are you surprised by this result?

We tend not to win away games unless they’re against teams in the bottom 3.

Ring master

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oh well,i suppose we are only 3 points off 2nd, Attitude problem in turning up for games like these,didnt expect a win,but thought we may play better


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Away games we have to play 3 cb's or have digne and coleman drop back a bit more. We get exposed down our flanks all the time and our CB's are far to slow to cover properly. We dominated Palace, Villa and Bournemouth but all exposed our slowness at the back and vacant wings. Set piece problems have once again returned. Also doesn't help that we have no one to sniff out chances. Our build up play is OK but we are still poor out of possession.


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It’s easy to blame the defending, which was absolutely shambolic, however they were there for the taking in that second half. We shower little urgency, little fight, little determination, a lot of them looked half arsed or ghosted around. Most importantly we looked absolutely void of ideas or any form of working system to break them down and demolish them like any other top club playing against tosh opposition would do. Stems from the manager.
It does stem from the Manager and throughout the team too.
Good defending keeps you in the game I'd say. We did huff and puff going forward, but vulnerabilities in basic defending means we lose that game. Set pieces is a collective responsibility. We were shambolic at that (as you say). The 3rd goal? Shocking.
By the way, I agree that they're a team we should be beating. But it was 3-1 to them. Thats an obvious concern, and we're a long way short I'm afraid.


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We’ve played the same formation for about 15 years. All our managers only make subs after 60 minutes, none of them can ever win away from home consistently. They never do it against top sides away. It’s just Groundhog Day every single season.
So who can we blame the last 15 years of players or managers or is that statement as pointless as a back pocket in a vest

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