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Perhaps we should have a EITC thread as a sticky (thing?!) we can routinely put pics and vids up to celebrate all the great work that goes on and to make us all happy after another inevitable defeat?

I made an EITC thread regarding something brilliant they had done not long ago.

Your right about the thread being stickied @roydo @GrandOldTeam can you sticky the EITC thread from a few pages back?

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Feel free to move this mods,just thought this was worthy of posting, but great to see these kids having a smashing time, well done Seamus,Mina and Snods for really getting involved:)
Thanks for posting that Dario, what an uplifting video, especially good to see big Yerry embracing the values of the club and getting so much pleasure from it himself.


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Excellent work being done by EiTC on a daily basis and it is something the club should be very proud of.

It maybe isn’t that widely known but Seamus’ older brother Stevie has a disability and he has also represented his country at football. A talented family indeed.
Kevin Kilbane's daughter also.



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Can I please second the above comments about this sort of thing being kept as a permanent feature at the top of the forum


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As others have said we are so good at stuff like this.
EITC really is exemplary.
Seamus always does this club , himself , and his country proud.
Fair does to Yerry also , seems a top man.
Snods and all the other staff need to have a pat on the back.

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